WWE Smackdown results of march 11 2023



On March 11, 2023, Cody Rhodes and Sami Zayn faced off against The Usos on WWE SmackDown. To defeat the resurfacing tag team, the two wrestlers banded together. On March 10, 2023, a Fatal 5-Way Match for the opportunity to win Gunther’s Intercontinental Title was featured on SmackDown. In the competition that also included Karrion Kross, Xavier Woods, and LA Knight, Drew McIntyre and Sheamus triumphed.

List of matches on smackdown march 11

Fatal 5 way match between Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Karrion Kross, Xavier Woods and LA Knight 
 Rey Mysterio/Legado del Fantasma v/s. Judgment Day
The Viking Raiders v/s. Braun Strowman and Ricochet
Rey Mysterio hall of fame 2023
Cody Rhodes helps in Sami Zayn’s Battle with The Usos

Fatal 5 way match between Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Karrion Kross, Xavier Woods and LA Knight IN SMACKDOWN

In this Fatal 5-Way Match, Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Karrion Kross, Xavier Woods, and LA Knight fought for a shot at Gunther’s Intercontinental Title. The match disintegrated almost immediately after starting, with all five players moving the action outdoors.

It was expected that alliances would form quickly with five contestants, with Knight and Kross forming a special team. Similar to Survivor, the alliance ended abruptly when Knight attacked Kross as he was turning around.

Woods, who took issue at being referred to as the underdog, put up a fantastic performance with dynamite offensive as he hit Knight with a gut punch before launching a massive elbow drop.

McIntyre and Knight were affected by an unbelievable tower of doom moment.

Knight and Kross are left on the ground unresponsive. The Celtic Warrior took advantage of the rising momentum by striking everyone but McIntyre with the Beats of the Bohdran.

In the final seconds, Knight and Woods were hit by Claymore and Brogue Kicks from McIntyre and Sheamus, respectively. The two contenders were then both pinned by McIntyre and Sheamus, creating a wild finish with no clear winner.

Winner Of The Match:-Sheamus and Drew McIyntre

Legado del Fantasma V/S Judgement day

The Judgment Day were challenged by Santos Escobar to begin their six-man tag team match earlier. Cruz Del Toro was hit by a superkick from Damian Priest, allowing The Ex-Con to pin him and win.

This match had significantly more talent than action. The hurried contest quickly degenerated into a sequence of spots that resulted in the win. The wrestling could have used some more cohesion.

Legado separated Balor from his teammates early on and used the Prince’s lucha libre fighting style to wear him down. Legado briefly held the advantage, but The Judgment Day quickly made headway by using quick tags.

Legado increased his speed by using high-powered offensive when Rhea Ripley intervened and threw Contain additional Luna at Legado. Dominik would secure the victory in the ensuing brawl by quickly pinning Cruz Del Toro.

Winner of the match:- Dom, Finn Bálor and Priest 

Dominik attacked Rey Mysterio


After the match between Legado del Fantasma V/S Judgement day Dominik attacked on Rey Mysterio Rey Mysterio, however, had a move up his sleeve, and he avoided Dominik’s request. Dominik requested Rey to punch him later in the episode, but The Master of the 619 couldn’t bring himself to hit his son. Then Dominik continued his attack on his father while screaming on Rey to strike him but Rey avoided. Later on, Dominik claimed that he should have been Eddie Guerrero’s son rather than Rey’s. which forced Rey to cry wildly. Despite this emotional stress, Rey and Dominik were able to patch things up and carry on as a tag team In the smackdown .

The Viking Raiders v/s. Braun Strowman and Ricochet

The Monster Among Men grabbed Ricochet as a human rocket and threw him over the top rope onto Erik and Ivar who were positioned at ringside to kick off the encounter with Braun Strowman and Ricochet.

When the Viking Raiders rejoined the fight, Ricochet was separated from his buddy. Erik hit a cross body onto Strowman atop the barricade, allowing the Viking Raiders to continue their plan. However, Ricochet would battle back, gaining the upper hand and hoisting Erik before Ivar unleashed a devastating powerbomb.

After making his way back into the ring, Strowman ploughed Erik with the Strowman Express, but Valhalla saved Ivar, sending Strowman flying over the announce table. Then, Valhalla gave Ricochet a diabolical look as Then, as Ricochet missed a 450 Splash, Valhalla aimed spears at him. After the crash and burn, Erik made an incredible splash to win the tag team victory.

Winner of the match:-The vikings team

Charlotte v/s Shotzi

Rhea Ripley kept a careful eye on the action while Charlotte Flair fought to maintain concentration. Shotzi was eventually brought down by the Queen using a spear and a figure-eight lock.

Ripley forewarned Charlotte that she could see all of her fears after the match. The Queen vehemently denied having any frailties. of smackdown

The squash match went on for way too long. Shotzi never gave the impression that she was having an effect on Charlotte. The Queen can match up well with some stars, but she didn’t click with Shotzi, who frequently pulled back on her attacks.

After a bout, there aren’t many that are decent promos, and Charlotte struggled the entire time to stick to the script of smackdown . All in all, This feud is still being developed in an odd fashion and does not yet have a WrestleMania spark.

Winner of the match:- Charlotte flair

Cody Rhodes helps Sami Zayn’s Battle with The Usos

Although Jimmy Uso is his brother, Jey Uso said that he didn’t want to do what he did. Everything for his brother, he would do. Cody Rhodes entered in a suit, and Jimmy focused on him.

The American Nightmare removed his jacket before getting ready to fight. While Cody and Jey sparred in front of the audience, Sami Zayn suddenly arrived from behind to attack Jimmy. Finally, Zayn and Rhodes took the ring and made a strong front.

Everything in WWE always has a stronger mystique than the Bloodline parts. Yet rather than being a truly memorable moment, this was more of a filler scene. The American Nightmare is happy to assist Kevin Owens even though he declines to engage in combat with The Honorary HAB.

That’s great to see Rhodes is now more actively participating. He is expanding his own story with The Bloodline while supporting the other stories by supporting Zayn.

As The Tribal Chief returns, Rhodes will be unable to assist Zayn or concentrate on Reigns, so it will be up to The Honorary HAB and The American Nightmare to persuade The Prizefighter to enter the fight. It’s a good TV setup for the next week in smackdown universe



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