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WWE Monday Night Raw returns to our lives with all the most recent build-up to the upcoming WrestleMania 39 event planned for Saturday, April 1, and Sunday, April 2, in Inglewood, California. The Monday Night Raw was Planned for many surprises and thrilling events

List of matches in WWE Raw of 13 march

Edge challenges to Finn Balor
Dexter and Gargano v/s judgement day
Omos and brock face to face
Elias v/s Bronson reed
Cody Rhodes v/s La Knight
Angelo Dawkins v/s. Austin Theory
Kevin Owens v/s Solo Sikoa Street Fight credit:- Social media
Bianca Blair v/s Chelsea Green

Edge’s challenge to Finn Balor In WWE Raw

Edge enters the stage as the show begins.

He walks on stage and says he does this because hearing the audience never gets old. Since he is aware of why he is there and wants to put an end to this, he calls Finn Balor to the ring.

Edge responds that he didn’t come here to speak; he came here to put a stop to this when Finn comes on the mic and orders him to say what he has to. Balor will stay back there, he continues, and he won’t rush in because it’ll be the same old shit, so Finn will compete at WrestleMania.

He said that there is only one way for it to end everything : Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania! They have been attempting to make his life miserable for the past year. Finn says he’s been to hell before, but his demons escaped from there. Also, he guarantees to run into Finn at WrestleMania.

Since he let them to be who they are—bitter, immature malcontents—and accepted them as such, Finn improved the Judgment Day. Whatever the case, it’s effective! Every other week, they forced him to say the two words “I resigned” while still lying on the ground, which he thought would never leave his mouth. Afterwards, they still used a Con-Chair-To to crack Beth Phoenix’s skull.

But before that…

the judgement day Rushed towards Edge fights hard, but That Damn Numbers Game overwhelms him; Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis come to his rescue and helped edge and turned into match in WWE Raw .

Judgment Day  (Damian Priest & Dominik Mysterio) vs. Dexter Lumis & Johnny Gargano in WWE RAW

The Match started in action with Gargano working Mysterio over, tagging in Priest,along with Lumis joining in! When Damian threw a powerful shoulder block, a wristlock was in a circling motion. As we head to break, Judgment Day closes with the babyfaces diving to the ground and being followed by strikes in the corner, whips across, back and forth, and that.

During the break, Judgment Day works Gargano over, the heat segment lasts a while, Lumis uses the hot tag, does spinebusters, a bulldog, a back suplex, drops an elbow, and then the priest kicks out! Dominik tags in and attempts a sunset flip while his feet are on the ropes, but Candice LeRae knocks them off and prevents him from falling in the WWE raw ring

Candice places her on the stairs as Rhea Ripley pursues her, but Ripley gets up, though, and throws her into the barrier face first! Priest lariats Dexter with a northern swing as he approaches her from behind. Reverse STO connects inside; tag Dom again! Frog splash perches on the top… GARGANO RUNS IT OVER! within WWE Raw

Winner of the match:- The Judgement Day

Omos And Brock Lesnar face to face in WWE Raw

Omos and Montel Vontavious Porter. entered in the ring MVP begins a promo on Brock but is interrupted just as he is explaining to the Beast what he wants him to know— Here comes Brock Lesnar. Omos raises his fist to Lesnar’s head and shakes hands with him after getting in the Nigerian Giant’s face. Omos tries to shake Brock’s hand, but he won’t let go. The Nigerian Giant palms Lesnar’s head and throws him over the ropes after the wrestler stomps his foot to release him from his hold. Road agents and referees descend to mediate conflicts. Jamie Noble, a former ROH World Champion, returns Brock’s cap and WWE Raw Result march 13 2023

Cody Rhodes V/s LA Knight In WWE Raw

The match starts and both the wrestlers are in the ring

Knight circles him, elbows him, and wrestles him into the corner before getting nasty with a right hand! More punches, off the ropes Rhodes hooks his arms in a wringer, swings his hip into a wristlock, and then slaps him across the jaw. On the ground, side headlock, successful penalty kick! during WWE Raw

Cody is outside the ropes while LA is on the ground, but his dive is stuck and hit by a right hand! On the ground, Knight is posting when LA comes in and stops him with a Superplex, sending us to the break in the WWE raw Results

Just two, Cody Cutter reversed into a back suplex! The Cody Cutter connects this time after some back and forth! Inverted facelock…

Winner of the match:- Cody Rhodes

Bronson Reed v/s The Elias

The match starts With a Banzai Drop, and very soon with an elbow, and made him fall then a corkscrew shoulder block, Reed attacks right away! but soon Elias hit him with an elbow after he uses clubbing hands but As soon , a whip into a body avalanche and he delivered , a powerful knee, and an off-the-ropes move but Bronson catches him as the Drifter kicks up in the corner and Soon had a cross-body, but the Drifter escaped somehow and knees him instead!

From the ropes, Reed uses a stunning lariat and a short-arm snap scoop powerslam, and finally Bronson goes for the top position to defeat him in WWE Raw

Winner of the Match:-Bronson Reed

Angelo Dawkins Against Austin Theory in WWE Raw

The Both wrestlers are in the ring and match starts ,Theory scrambles for the ropes and connects with a back elbow while Dawkins searches for a single leg takedown. Austin gets knocked to the ground after leapfrogging over Angelo and slamming his face into the turnbuckles. Flapjacks and covers are carried by firefighters.

Austin steps on Angelo’s foot, throws punches and shoulder thrusts towards the corner, and then snaps into a reverse Chinlock with his powerful left hand. Whip across, drag Dawkins to the ground, and Theory smashes him into the barricade before launching mounted blows at him! on the WWE Raw results

He was hurled through the barrier once more. When Theory is in charge and catching Dawkins with an exploder suplex.

The Chuck is countered for a schoolboy pin as Angelo enters the ring, despite his back elbow, Stinger Splash, and attempt at an enzuigiri in the corner. Drill Bit connects on the second try, but not well enough!

He tries to use a knee to block the spinebuster, but Dawkins charges him to the apron instead! Austin delivers a dropkick for two after snapping his neck over the ropes. Angelo was drawn up and then placed backwards into a little box for two people. Enzuigiris and sunset flips both have the same effect of putting Theory in a difficult situation and check out WWE raw results from this page ,

Spinning In a fireman’s voice, Stinger Splash answered.

Winner of the Match:-Austin Theory

Rey Mysterio disturbed by Dominik Mysterio

Rey Mysterio enters and picks up the microphone in WWE Raw .

He expresses gratitude to the audience and remarks on how fantastic it is to be back on Raw. We had just recently celebrated our 20th anniversary as a couple, and now they are honouring him for one of his greatest achievements. This isn’t simply his award, it’s made by the people that helped him build up his profession.

An honour created with the support of his supporters throughout the years, not only for him but for all of us. Thus, He says it from the heart,

Dominik Mysterio Enters in the ring and .He congratulates his father, who truly deserves it, on finally being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He dedicated his entire life to this venture, and he hopes it was worthwhile given that Dom had to pay for him to receive that accolade. As he continues, he enters the ring and claims that Rey has dedicated his entire life to this industry, choosing these strangers above his children.

In order to have a match at WrestleMania, he deems Rey a sorry excuse for a parent and a man and promises to make his time in LA a little bit better. Rey affirms that, whether his kid believes it or not, he loves him and always will, and that he is unwilling to fight his own son.

At WrestleMania, no matches will take place. Dominik continues to mock him, asking whether he’s really going to go before declaring that the only thing he’s good at is running away, and the only lesson he ever taught him was what not to do. in the Wwe raw results

Seth Rollins V/S Baron Corbin on WWE Raw

The match was very quick because of the entrance of Miz ,Baron Corbin started with the first move Rollins is tackled by Corbin with the boots, but Seth Rollins escaped somehow and gets pumped up and lariats baron Corbin to the ground! And then both the superstars were doing well in the fight Miz enters in the game When Miz gets involved in the fight on the floor.

Rollins hits him with an enzuigiri! Seth takes the A-Lister And with his quickness Seth Rollins was able to manage with the both superstars and at the he had an blackout to baron Corbin and pinned him after he delivered blackout successfully he covered Corbin and wins the match by Pinfall

Winner of the Match:-Seth Rollins

Bianca Blair v/s Chelsea Green

The match Begins on WWE Raw Bianca Belair shoves her away by the collar and elbow, but Green throws her back into the turnbuckles and then flees and hides when Bianca approaches her! Belair Piefaces her and locks a Waistlock on her before giving her a shove with a massive back elbow. Off the ropes, a kick is sidestepped, and a powerful lariat knocks Chelsea to the ground!

A standing Moonsault is set up with the whip reversed, up and over, and pendulum backbreaker, but NOPE! We head to break after Carmella’s cheap shot results in a cover for two.

After the commercial, a schoolboy from Belair scores two goals. Green cuts her off and hits a lungblower to get some separation. Bianca blocks a stomp while on a standing surfboard, throws Chelsea into the turnbuckles, and then hits a side slam!

The EST gets to her feet first, gets riled up, lariats, and is dropped into the ropes by a dropkick. A delayed vertical suplex follows a kip-up, reversed whip, up and over, and shoulder thrust in the corner. Carmella is knocked to the ground with a handspring Moonsault, WWE raw results but Green has his knees up! No thanks to the small package for two, the slap in the face, and the inverted Overdrive! Big back elbow, reversed ripcord, and Bianca helps the victim stand.

Winner Of The Match:-Bianca Belair

Kevin Owens v/s Solo Sikoa (Street Fight)

The match Begins Owens and Sikoa fighting on the ramp and in the ring, with Solo hitting him with boots, a massive headbutt, and chops to the ropes! Kev is pumped up as the whip is reversed and the big back elbow sets up a senton. KO pursues Sikoa to the ground and swallows a big right hand! Solo is in charge on the ground and repeatedly slams Kev’s face into the announcer desk, but Owens flips the script and pays it back!

Sikoa catches him with a Samoan Drop after putting him back inside the front chancery. boots to the KO in the ropes, falling headbutt, but Kev rolls to the ground! Alone searches for treasure beneath the ring and takes a few steel chairs! He is struck by Owens, who then throws him down the steel stairs before pulling a table from below the ring and setting it against the apron!

In order to send us into break, Sikoa kicks him with a superkick, catches him, and throws him over the announce table.

When the match resumes after the break, Kevin Owens begins throwing chairs into the ring from the timekeeper’s position. He grabs one and rolls out to hit Sikoa in the back with it. It’s a good idea to have a backup plan in case the backup plan fails. Right hands place Sikoa on the seats, and KO climbs to the top, but Solo stops him! in the WWE Raw Results

Winner Of The Match:-Solo Sikoa

That’s all from the WWE Raw Of March 13 2023 folks stay tunned for updates

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