Why Hydrogels Like Mortons Perform Higher in Yield Runners

A Chronic Dilemma for Endurance Athletes: How To fuel lasts longer Without converting your route to the nearest porta-potty? Some sports goose, chews and bars can cause GI distress such as the White Castle Crave Case. Fortunately, you can overcome stomach problems and maximize performance by consuming hydrogels, a carbohydrate supplement is more easily absorbed by your gut without the urgent need to hit the loo, according to new research in Medicine and science in sport and exercise, Morton’s sells convenient packs for fuel on the go.

In the study, runners who consumed the hydrogel after a two-hour run were then able to complete a 5K time trial 7.6 percent faster than those who didn’t consume the gel and 2 percent faster than runners who drank the traditional sports drink. were faster than the percentage. ,

Josh Rowe, lead author of the study, says, “The data show that the intake of carbohydrates in hydrogel form resulted in a significant increase in the amount of carbohydrate used as fuel compared to a standard carbohydrate solution.”

Hoping to stock up on hydrogels for your upcoming marathon? The Swedish company Morten currently holds the patent for this technology.

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