What to wear with every shade of denim?

Denim: So easy to wear, and yet, so easy to go wrong. Different corduroy And velvet, which appear tough (and really are), denim seems simple enough on the surface, but can be dangerous to a man’s sartorial reputation. Take poor Justin Timberlake, for example, who, nearly 15 years later, still hasn’t gone through that double denim disaster.

When donating the most prime of Uniform fabric, the stakes are high, and each color and wash requires an entirely different tack. With that in mind, here’s what to wear with the five most common colors to make sure you stay on the right side of history.

dark wash denim

Unlike other washes, what constitutes ‘Dark Denim’ is up for discussion. For the sake of clarity, here we are talking raw indigo and charcoal colors – essentially shades more or less similar in color that are not black.

As a rule, the darker the denim (and the less detail), the better the pieces lend themselves to being dressed up for more formal occasions. Yet despite this versatility, there are still some things to consider.

how to wear

Because of its relative hardness, raw denim (which is left unwashed after manufacture) not commonly found in skinny fits. However, a slightly wide, tapered- or straight-leg is not a bad thing and will sure stop any early 2000s denim vibes in their tracks.

Whether paired with off-duty staples like a sweatshirt or a blazer for solids smart casual mix, you have to consider the balance of your overall outfit. Tight denim tends to sit away from the body, so make sure whatever you’re wearing over and over your legs isn’t too over-fitting (read: not a muscle-friendly shirt).

While it’s off the menu, everything else is firmly in place, whether it’s the color (neutral and primary tones work equally well here), texture or other shades of denim.

Tillman Roebel, creative director of The Cooper Collection (the premium arm of British denim brand Lee Cooper), also recommends doubling down. “Dark shades work great double denim Looks,” he says. “Dark jeans can also be paired with a light indigo shirt for an on-trend tonal approach to dressing.”

Recommended Colors: Light wash denim, neutral, primary colour, navy, khaki.

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mid-wash denim

Anything that contains the word ‘mid’ is usually a bit monotonous. Middle-market, midlife, middling – it’s basically code to be nuff by consensus. Also where mid-wash denim is concerned.

It’s a friendly shade of denim that’s at your disposal, not least because of its ability to slot seamlessly into many off-duty looks.

how to wear

Mid-wash denim has the same requirements as all other washes. Like light wash denim, it’s important not to double up without leaving at least two colors between pieces, and like white denim, it benefits from contrast.

slap sitting Collide Achieving enough discrimination in the middle of the denim color spectrum can be a pain. However, that is where textures come into play. If you think a navy sweatshirt might result in an outfit that looks like a mechanic’s overall, opt for waffle knits instead. When it comes to outerwear, so be it, with rugged suede or wool leather jacket a strong option.

Whether you opt for navy or easy-to-throw shades like gray, brown or black, the top objective should be to keep it simple. “Mid-wash denim looks great with something as simple as a plain white T-shirt,” says Levi’s Richard Huren, Vice President of Northern Europe. “Pair with Classic” sneakers And roll up the hem for a casual summer look. ,

Recommended Colors: Brown, grey, black, white.

Men's Mid-Wash Jeans Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

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light wash denim

The tax is to be levied keeping in mind the fortunes of light wash denim. One minute it’s the height of bad taste, the next minute it’s having a resurgence in popularity, adorning some of the best dressed legs and torso in men’s clothing.

In case you weren’t clear where the genre world currently is, the general consensus is that it’s cool. Thanks to the nineties trend, light wash jeans, light wash shirts and light wash jackets are all on the ‘accepted’ list.

how to wear

As light washes as it is having a moment, Double Light Denim stays firmly off the go card. That said, there are many ways to wear a shade while staying on the right side of dad dressing.

The ruffled heels, boxer cuts, and ripped detailing are all nods to skate clothesespecially when worn with pieces like hoodies Or a long sleeve top under a T-shirt.

Alternatively, for a more casual everyday look, opt for a comfortable fit with minimal extras and pairing with wardrobe basics such as a simple white T-shirt and a pair of white sneakers for a high-summer look. Choose the look.

“I would style light denim jeans with a Breton top or a contrasting color like light green or light gray,” says Edwin Denim designer Niels Mulder. “A crew-neck sweatshirt or T-shirt also make good companions.”

If stonewashed jeans remind you a lot of your old man, try using a jacket or shirt as an accent instead, otherwise it’s the easiest way to add a lighter wash to your wardrobe.

Recommended Colors: Grey, White, Green, Navy, Black.

Men's Light Wash Denim Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

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black denim

Like most items of dark clothing, the darkest color of denim is a low-risk, high-reward investment. A favorite amongst well-dressed musicians (think James Bay, Alex Turner and Oasis-era Noel Gallagher), the style refuses to date, proving just how essential and versatile it is.

Because of its classic shade, when purchased in an edgy, almost tailored cut, black denim can act as a sub-in for practically any other piece of black clothing — from suit Trousers from chinos. However, it’s not all plain sailing.

how to wear

While relaxed fit light wash jeans can look attractively nineties, black jeans It has a strange tendency to be mistaken for too close to an emo teenager when worn widely. Likewise, the Skintight spray on black jeans would be either a boys’ holiday or a post-millennial indie rocker; So to be on the safe side always go straight leg.

while there is no beat a all black Look, it also makes a perfect anchor for bolder complexions. Got a primary color sweatshirt you’re itching to wear? Team it with a pair of black jeans for a fail-safe look. Likewise, layering an on-trend pastel tee under a black denim jacket will help minimize its impact for those who want to step out of the safety of neutrals.

Not quite ready to take the Technicolor plunge? Camel and black is a timeless and foolproof color combination that always looks sophisticated; Try pairing a camel overcoat or suede bomber with your black jeans and a white T-shirt for an outfit that never gets old.

“For a casual look, wear faded black denim jeans with a white T-shirt and an open checked shirt,” suggests the former. top man Creative Director Gordon Richardson. “That way you can button up a shirt if you need to be smart. Or pair a crisp white oxford shirt Pair a blazer and smart boots with black jeans if you’re worried you won’t look smart enough.

Recommended Colors: White, black, brown, pastel colors, primary colors, camel.

Men's Black Jeans Outfit Inspiration

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white denim

Style is often about stepping out of your comfort zone, and there are few better ways to do this than with white denim.

Aside from wearing it without looking like The Man From Del Monte, one of the main concerns here is making sure what you wear remains the shade you want. While we can’t help you keep the coffee in its cup or the food on its fork, we can simplify the process of getting dressed by giving a few tips for wearing it.

how to wear

Sure, white denim looks great on tall, tanned types, but if you’re not a beanpole or worried about getting washed out, it’s not off-limits. Go for almost white denim in stone, cream or off-white, which are more forgiving on body types and skin tones Compared to a stark shade (not to mention a little easier to keep clean).

Not to jump into legs first with jeans? A white denim jacket is the perfect way to unwind; When worn with black trousers or raw denim, it’s impossible to go wrong.

If you’re lucky enough to go full Mick Jagger, the team at the menswear etailer idle mansuggests wearing them with classic staples in light neutral colors.

,white jeans Build a great base for working other pieces, so start with these and add a black or gray T-shirt, a pair of sand desert boots and a stone or khaki field jacket.

Recommended Colors: Black, Grey, Sand, Tan, Khaki, Blue.

Men's White Jeans Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

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