What Size Gun Case Do You Need for an Ar 15?

If you have an AR 15 at home, you’ll be forced to take it out from time to time. Experts also recommend using it regularly; Otherwise, it starts to deteriorate. However, taking out your AR 15 without a gun case isn’t exactly a picnic as it can be difficult to carry.

One thing you need to know is the size you have to choose, and this article guides you on how to select the right size gun case for your AR 15. If you too are looking for ease of handling and flexibility, you can count on this AR-15 Soft Case for Your Rifle,

Your AR 15 . Ideal Size Gun Case for

If you have an AR rifle, chances are you have one that measures 15-16 inches in length. You can work with a 36 inch gun case for these guns. A gun case of this size is typically used for rifles, and it allows the weapon to sit comfortably while carrying or moving around in your car.

However, if you do not have a 15 or 16 inch AR 15 rifle, simply measure your rifle and add 2 inches to its length. This will give you the correct size you need for your gun case.

Most people have a 16-inch AR15 rifle, which is why experts always recommend you get a 36-inch gun case.

Factors to Remember When Choosing a Size

Several factors come into play when you are trying to determine the right size gun case for your AR 15 rifle, which are listed below.

overall length

First, you need to know or measure the length of your AR 15 rifle from muzzle to buttstock. Most people make the mistake of measuring only the length of the barrel, but if you have any aftermarket accessories installed on your rifle, the length may be longer.

type of buttstock

The next thing to know is what type of buttstock you have on your AR15 rifle. Mostly, people use a collapsible buttstock with the AR 15 that has a 16-inch barrel length, and they are able to fit it into a 36-inch gun case, as mentioned in the previous section.

However, if your rifle has a fixed buttstock and a 16-inch barrel, you will need a much larger gun case, such as a 42-inch one. This is not a given as most fixed stock rifles can also be fitted with a 36-inch gun case.

rifle width

Next comes rifle width, and it’s important, especially if you’re used to adding extra accessories to your AR15 rifle. Most gun cases give you enough room to store your gun with accessories installed, while others come with extra storage to stash and keep your belongings.

However, it is preferred to get a gun case that allows you to disassemble and disassemble the accessories; Otherwise, you’ll need to get a much bigger case.


When you’ve determined size and other factors, durability also comes into play. Naturally, you want a gun case that won’t fall off due to wear and tear or rough use. Most people get soft cases because they can be easier to carry. However, soft cases are also prone to wear and tear, and you don’t have to worry about this problem in hard cases, which are heavy as well as strong.


One thing that holds your AR 15 rifle in place and also prevents it from moving inside the case is the padding inside the gun case. The more padding you have in your gun case, the more easily the rifle can withstand external force and pressure. This is why most people choose hard shells, no matter how heavy they are.


While this is a less important factor, the gun case capability comes into play when you need to carry a spare firearm with your AR 15 rifle. Some gun cases are designed to carry two AR-15 rifles, while others may have enough room for you to fit one or two handguns. So, if you have spare firearms, be sure to consider a gun case with enough space for all of them so that you don’t need to carry everything separately.

In addition to spare firearms, you should always look for pockets or storage space in the gun case you buy, even if you don’t use any spare accessories. These pockets will help you carry cleaning items for your AR 15 as well as your safety gear.


This concludes our guide to what size gun case you need for your AR 15 rifle. Normally, a 15 or 16-inch AR 15 could fit easily inside a 36-inch gun case, but if you have a collapsible buttstock, you may need to go up to 42 inches. Make sure to take all the factors into consideration before making a final decision.

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