Unique challenges faced by men and women who are victims of sexual abuse…


Unique Challenges Male Victims of Sexual Harassment Face

What comes to your mind when you think of sexual harassment? Chances are, you imagine a male perpetrator and a female victim. While this is an accurate representation of most cases, there are countless examples where men are also victims of this type of abuse.

the figures show that one of every sex men have experienced sexual abuse or assault, although research suggests this number may be higher. While women face many difficulties in these humiliating scenarios, there are unique challenges that victims of sexual assault face.

not being taken seriously

It is a common tactic for abusers to cast a shadow of doubt on their victims, and female victims often struggle to make their voices heard. Men face the same issue, but in a slightly different way. This remains the primary challenge facing the victims and it remains because of many stereotypes.

sexual stereotypes

Society’s view of sexual harassment is one that immediately imagines a female victim. When a person comes forward with a claim, it is rarely taken seriously for a variety of reasons. They are wrongly seen as always wanting sex, making the idea of ​​an unwanted advance seem impossible.

“What man doesn’t want sexual attention from women?” Many ask. This is similar to the “she was asking for it” argument that female victims often receive. Just because someone is a man doesn’t mean they want sexual advances from every woman around them.

gender stereotypes

Men are often considered stronger than women, making society feel they could protect themselves. It also makes it hard to imagine that a woman becomes a sexual abuser by using her position of power over a man.

film and tv

Finally, pop culture sometimes uses male sexual abuse and physical violence toward men as punchlines. Many believe it sensitizes the public to sex crimes where men are the victims, making it harder for claims to be taken seriously.

inner thoughts of manhood

Another factor that prevents men from coming forward about their unfortunate experiences with sexual assault is an idealized version of manhood, or what a man should be. Many people think that being a man means being tough, never showing weakness and always being in control.

However, none of this defines what a man is. The male can be as tough as he wants and still become a victim without control of the situation. Being a victim does not make anyone weak. Unfortunately, these false ideals often prevent male victims from speaking out about sexual abuse when it occurs.

when you are a victim

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual abuse, it is imperative that you speak to a legal expert as soon as possible. this kind of professional San Francisco Sexual Harassment Lawyer Work diligently to ensure that the law applies equally to all victims, regardless of their gender.

While there are stereotypes that work against men in these cases, the facts that revolve around sex offense laws remain the same. No one should be the victim of harassment, abuse or rape. You have the right to demand compensation and you should start the process immediately.

sexual harassment

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