Undiscovered Asian Destinations Worth Exploring

We all have wanted to visit Asian countries at least once in our lives, whether we have dreamed of walking under cherry blossom trees or we have seen Boys Over Flowers many times. Japan, South Korea, India, China, Indonesia, Taiwan and other Asian countries will never stop impressing you. From the music industry to beautiful animations, with landscapes, food and crowded cities; Asian culture has dominated the world with its peculiar characteristics and its hybrid culture which oscillates between modern and traditional.

Asian cities are wonderful and invite travelers to explore every pilgrimage and every corner. People travel to famous places like Tokyo, Maldives, Bali, Kyoto, Singapore, or Seoul, but what many don’t realize is that there are fewer places in Asia that are as beautiful as those cities if not better. In this article, we will explore some of the places that are lesser known but worth visiting.

1. Bangkok

temples, rooftop bars, shopping and markets; Bangkok is a vast tourist destination in Thailand, perhaps even number one in terms of welcoming foreigners. Apart from being a shopping paradise, Bangkok is known for its delicious street food stands and laid-back atmosphere. The weather is far from cold, which makes the nightlife even more exciting. The city includes night markets, mega malls and massive weekend markets.

So if you are looking for a souvenir for a friend or family, do not miss the opportunity to visit and explore the markets of Bangkok. With so much to see and do, Bangkok is a city that will delight and amaze visitors of all ages, and if you’re not sure where to start exploring, visit Bangkok Attractions for guidance. Be prepared for a boost of energy and new adventures in the middle of the night!

2. Bhutan


If you are looking for a rich historical place, then you must take a look at Bhutan! Rumors say that Bhutan is the happiest place on earth, and maybe they are right! Bhutan is a small Asian country known for its culture and towns. Its cities are peculiar because they are located either above sea level or within lush green forests. While roaming the hidden mountain kingdom in the Himalayas, one can only get lost in the beautiful and mesmerizing landscapes and the serene peace and prosperity.

Fortunately, Bhutan is not crowded with tourists like other beautiful places. Instead, it is a quiet place filled with monasteries and lush green land. You will not regret being one of the few chosen to hang out on its grass.

3. Myanmar


Myanmar is located in Southeast Asia and includes over a hundred ethnic groups. Its economy continues to grow thanks to its bustling markets, and numerous parks and lakes. You can also enjoy your stay at one of the best hotels in the city to relax in charming and trendy places such as the Blue Bird Hotel in Bagan. There is so much to do in this wonderful city, places to see, ways to visit, and unique experiences like beaches, temples, and hills.

4. Jaipur


Jaipur has been inhabited since the 1700s. Often called the Pink City because of the pink colored buildings that are used to promote a sense of hospitality and welcome, Jaipur is an emerging tourist destination with the reputation of being the first planned city in India. The capital is a blend of ancient history and traditions with the advantages of a metropolis. Jaipur presents entertainment through the 475-year-old Samod Palace, before which visitors can take a camel safari and meet the local artisans there.

5. Fong Nha

fong nha

The nature is beautiful but not as beautiful as the site of Phong Nha. If you are into natural landscapes and nature, then Phong Nha is the place to visit. It is a well done place which is today considered as one of the most attractive places in Vietnam. One of the most famous places in Phong Nha is the Dark Cave, a narrow passageway that leads to a mud pool; Or perhaps the Cave of Hang Son Doong that characterizes its climate – a cave so vast and so great that it has been named the largest cave in the world discovered in 2007. Phong Nha is a wonder in itself, an amazing tourist destination that is a must visit once in Asia – a kind of reminder that life is beautiful and worth exploring.

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