Top 5 Fast Food HACKS to SAVE MONEY

Top 5 Fast Food HACKS to SAVE MONEY

For a lot of us, Fast Food is something of a guilty pleasure. We KNOW we should eat at home and cook our own foods – especially if we want to lose weight or be healthier. Plus, cooking at home is cheaper than eating out.

Unlike a restaurant, you don’t have overhead costs to consider when making a meal. After all, restaurants are a business. They’re trying to make money. And in order to save money when eating out, the first key is to start thinking like a business owner. Because there are some pretty cool ways you can save big when you go out to eat. Ready? Let’s get to it!


So, thinking like a restaurant business owner means figuring out why your business charges what it does based on the local competition, and then optimising your operations so you can bring those costs down. What does this have to do with food hacks?

Well, it turns out that some of our favorite restaurants use some pretty clever tricks when it comes to making sure their customers feel like they’re getting a good deal. And sometimes these tricks are as simple as using less meat or serving smaller portions—but most often they’re much more complicated (and delicious!).

Secret number one is a neat trick for ordering food at Chipotle. This hack is a way to get a burrito for a lot less. Instead of the standard burrito order, ask for a bowl and two tortillas on the side. That way, you can get at least the contents of two full burritos or potentially a third for around $8 less than you might pay for the burritos individuall.

Here’s how the math works: A regular chicken burrito is $8.10. Instead of ordering a chicken burrito, order a burrito bowl instead—that will still be $8.10—and then add whatever toppings you want to the bowl since the toppings are a part of the bowl purchase price.

In this case: rice, beans, salsa, cheese (or no cheese), lettuce and veggies which amount to $8.10. Then by getting two tortillas on the side for a fraction of the cost of a burrito, you’re able to load each one up with the burrito fillings for much less than the burrito would have cost.

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Alright, so now to fast food hack number two. This one is super easy. Chick-fil-A is known for their chicken sandwiches, but they also do a pretty good chicken nugget too. With their kids meal – geared towards four to seven year olds, the cost is $5.50, and it comes with a five count of nuggets, fries, a toy, and a drink.

But something the general public does not always realize is that you can actually ask Chick-fil-A to swap out the kid’s toy for ice cream! So I went down to Chick-fil-A and ordered one of their kid’s meals with an ice cream in a cup instead of the toy and they gladly accepted.

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Alright, so fast food hack number three is at a place you probably weren’t expecting: Starbucks! One way to get a carmel macchiato on a budget is to ask your barista for two shots of espresso in a grande sized cup alongside two pumps of your favorite flavoring. So, for this drink you’d ask for two shots of espresso and two drizzle’s of caramel syrup. Add some idea or cream and you’ve got your budget fancy drink!

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Here’s how you can use the McDonald’s app for food hack number four. If you order directly from McDonald’s, you’ll pay 25 cents per packet for those sauce packets. But if you use the app, those packets are completely free! I went to a McDonald’s in my area to put this secret to the test, and I ordered a quarter pounder with cheese and barbecue sauce and spicy buffalo sauce.

They charged me 25 cents per packet of sauce. But when I placed the exact same order from the McDonald’s app the sauce packets didn’t cost a thing!

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Finally, here is fast food hack number five. Did you know you can order a bag of ice for about a dollar from virtually any fast food restaurant, including McDonald’s? Now, it isn’t always of the exact same quality as a convenience store or gas station bag of ice, but if you’re in a rush or tailgating or you have a cooler that you need to quickly fill with ice, just ask, and you can get a bag of ice for generally around a dollar.

Alright, before we finish up I have a bonus McDonald’s hack for you. Did you know that if your birthday falls on a Sunday through Thursday from May through August—and this one is definitely worth mentioning—you can get an entire sheet cake from McDonald’s for NINE bucks? Amazing, right? Definitely worth trying out! I’ll be honest, while it isn’t the healthiest habbit, eating outside has always been a constant in my life.

Sure, I love being able to sit down with my family and friends while enjoying some good eats. The problem is, there are times when we don’t have enough money to go out and eat at a restaurant. But the more of these little hacks you can pile up, the more money you’ll be able to save over time.

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Top 5 Fast Food HACKS to SAVE MONEY

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