Today’s 10 Best Hat Brands for Men

Hats were once considered an everyday item, adorning the heads of the aristocracy and working class alike. But as the years went by and the appeal of headwear faded, hat makers were pushed in a slightly more niche direction.

However, classic styles like the fedora and panama have seen some revival in recent years, putting their founding labels back on the map. Meanwhile, the industry’s current obsession with everything from the nineties has led to casual options like baseball caps and bucket hats. Authentic streetwear brands are making headlines with their current popularity.

Yet whether you prefer sophisticated and sophisticated or contemporary and urban, the ten best hat brands for men below will surely offer something that suits your needs.

1. Belly

Founded in 1922, American hat brand Bailey’s has over its long lifespan rounded out Hollywood’s finest (Humphrey Bogart and Fred Astaire were big fans), and continues to produce high-quality headwear today.

Renowned for its craftsmanship, the label specializes in timeless gentlemanly styles, from felt trilbys and fedoras to straw panamas and pork pies.

2. Gorin

Starting life as a horse and carriage in Pittsburgh, US-based label Gorin’s has grown into an entirely international brand with a sleek line of products to boot.

Still a family-owned business, the hatmaker has an authentic edge that makes it the cheeky trucker hat for the modern man, as well as a trusted name among headwear aficionados.

They’re also the brand that made Walter White’s iconic pork pie hat. breaking badAptly named ‘Heisenberg’.

gorin hat brand

3. London’s Christie’s

Traditional skill and craftsmanship are at the heart of this British label, which continues to manufacture each of its designs in the UK and is based in its native Oxfordshire location.

Over its 200-year lifespan, Christys’ has created everything from military headwear to pieces for royalty, so you’ll be in good company if you buy one of the brand’s designs.

Christie's London hat brand

4. New Era

Known for its role in the modern revival of Snapback, the New Era has been going strong in the sports world since the 1920s.

The American label is still the exclusive manufacturer of the on-field caps worn by every major league baseball team, and now sells more than 35 million caps worldwide each year.
brand new age hats for men

5. Lock & Company Haters

This British label is all about history and tradition, with its success stretching back to the late 1600s. Renowned as the world’s oldest hat shop and family-owned business, Lock & Company has produced headwear for everyone from Sir Winston Churchill to Charlie Chaplin over the years.

With a Royal Warrant under its belt, the brand continues to produce some of the best hats in the world.

lock & co hater hat for men

6. Stetson

American brand Stetson draws inspiration from times gone by for its collections, creating classic styling with a contemporary twist. Its hats have a historic cowboy feel, but are pliable and soft in structure for more comfortable wearing.

From classic caps to outdoor adventure hats, this label has something for every type of gentleman.

Stetson hat brand

7. Borsalino

Founded in 1857, Borsalino has established itself as an iconic brand in the industry thanks to its world-renowned fedoras.

Operating in Italy since 1857, the label specializes in expertly made, timeless silhouettes, transforming everything from luxury flat caps to surreal Panamas.

borsalino hat brands for men

8. Barbour

As you would expect, Barbour perfectly captures the essence of the countryside with their range of hats, making them ideal for fans of the British heritage aesthetic.

Flat caps, trappers, beanies and bucket hats all feature in its collection, crafted in everything from the brand’s signature waxed cotton to traditional tweed, for an authentic experience.

barber hat brand

9. Brixton

Inspired by music, style and culture, Californian label Brixton is fast becoming one of the best hat brands on the market.

` Expect beanies, snapbacks, fedoras and trillbees in a range of easy-to-wear colors, each perfect for a summer festival or autumn.

brixton hat brand

10. Filson

Seattle-based brand Filson captures the simplicity and elegance of outdoor living with its line of headwear, tweaking fine details on a range of classic silhouettes for the modern Rugged Gentleman.

With styles ranging from beanies to trucker caps, to the cult favorite tin cloth packer hat, Filson is undoubtedly one of the best hat brands in the world, especially in the practicality department.
filson hat brand

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