The Best 6 Beard Scissors to Help You Reach for Beard Heaven (2022 Edition)

Beard Scissors being used by barber

So you’re out on a full beard-haired but rewarding adventure. Otherwise known as the pinnacle of manhood. Now all you need is the tools to make this possible. Maintaining a beard the right way isn’t easy, but don’t sweat the details. We’re here to help you with your quest for badass (and healthy) chin and cheekbones.

One of the first purchases you should have in your arsenal should be beard scissors. Channeling Your Inner Zen-Master and Thinking About Yourself beard style A bonsai tree can help as well. You don’t want to trim a bonsai tree with a chainsaw, do you? Your answer should be no.

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If you need something better suited for more minor cuts, a great pair of beard scissors will get you going. There’s a lot to consider when shopping for the best shave shears, such as shear length, tip type, and steel density. With all this in mind, we scoured the internet to find some of the best beard scissors on the market, so you don’t have to.

The team at Badass Beard Care is serious about ‘beard skill’ (yes, we made it), as shown through the quality of their products. This company is all about bringing barber-level scissors, among many other things, to hobbyists like us. Sure, high-grade steel exists, but they still won’t look much smoother than this black and gold finish. You’ll never be able to tell the difference anyway.

These beard scissors have it all. Build quality, looks, and they’re only under 50$. They also have a hand-adjustable tension knob to control the cut speed of the scissors. Considering they’re more comparable for a $150-$200 pair, they’re a pretty good deal.

material: HRC 59-61 Stainless SteI , Blade Size: 5.25″ , features: Titanium coated, hand-adjustable tension knob, screw-on finger rest, also includes polishing cloth, scissor oil and hard case

what we like

  • Quality Materials Punch Up Their Price
  • Works for both large and precise bearing tasks

These scissors have never heard the term “over-the-top” and we love them for it. For those who crave luxury, this pairing looks the part. As the name suggests, these are the beard scissors that would look at home in the bathroom of any member of the royal family. Surprise, surprise, they’re also the most priceless scissors on our list.

They look attractive as hell, but they’re also at the top of the hardness scale at HRC 61-64. This means they are tough and razor-sharp like scissors. They are beautiful but be wise; Not taking them seriously can result in some cracked ear skin.

If you’re the type who wants to trim like a king, these scissors are worth the high admission.

material: HRC 61-64 Stainless Steel , Blade Size: 5.5″ , features: Ultra-high quality steel, lion-head tension knob, screw-on finger rest, hard case included

what we like

  • beautiful attractive design
  • the cuts look great
what we don’t like

  • Too Expensive for Many Beginner Beards

They don’t have a funny name or the hardest steel, but the Suvorna provides a capable all-rounder that is feature-rich and a solid starter for any shave on a budget. The 5” length is perfect for nimble trim work but big enough to easily hack into the crest of the face.

If noted, the build is of good enough quality to last years, but you’ll probably have advanced the life of your beard by then. It’s an excellent jack-of-all-trades sheer that’s easy to recommend for anyone dipping their toes into the beard game.

material: HRC 53-54 Stainless Steel , Blade size: 5″ , features: Hand-adjustable tension knob, micro-serrated blade, screw-on finger rest, includes soft case

what we like

  • great price
  • fine serrated blade
what we don’t like

  • Will not last as long as pricier shears

Badass beard care makes it on the list again, for good reason. If their Gold Series sheers are the best around, these bad boys are the experts. They are missing some of the luxuries that the Gold Series offers, but they excel at what they do.

The blunt tips tell you that these scissors are built more for large trim jobs than precision sculpting. You can set loose the hand-adjusting tension knob and cut a large beard without worrying about accidentally piercing your neck. The only issue with being a great expert? If you want serious accuracy you will need different scissors.

They’re softer steel than their black-and-gold brother, but the all-black design is still smoking hot, and they’re a great addition to any growing beard care set.

material: HRC 56-57 Stainless Steel , Blade Size: 5.25″ , features: Includes hand-adjustable tension knob, finger rest, titanium coated, case, scissor oil and hard case

what we like

  • Perfectly designed for scruff shaping
  • Signature Badass Beard Care Tension Knob
what we don’t like

  • Your beard can’t be the only pair of scissors

Don’t let the small size fool you; If you send a child to school with these, they may lose some points. These are crazy fast. Luckily, you’re not a kid. And to avoid giving yourself a new lip piercing, these mustache scissors have a blunt tip.

These fondant, Jason Mamoa caterpillar lips, and the more famous Chris Hemsworth mouth work great on the carpet. They also work fine on the rest of the face, but the small size makes them the best for mustache work.

material: matte stainless steel | Blade Size: 4″ | features: tension screw, blunt tip

what we like

  • The perfect small blade for carving a mustache
  • Blunt Tips for Avoiding Painful Mistakes

Beard Scissors Sets are ideal for starting your fur-filled journey and are a perfect gift for any young bearded bearer. It comes with three essential beard care regimens: a beard balm for its health, a comb for taming, and scissors for trims. With the disposable razor you almost certainly have, you can grow and maintain a healthy beard with just this three.

It comes with a really nice pair of scissors for the starter set. They aren’t the best looking or most feature-rich clippers, but they do all the basics well and don’t fall apart.

A sweet pear wood comb and fan-favorite beard balm make this a winning set.

material: Japanese stainless steel | Blade size: 6″ | features: Includes tension screw, finger rest, beard balm and beard comb

what we like

  • Great Starter Scissors
  • great set for the price
what we don’t like

  • Scissors Aren’t Extraordinary

what to look for in beard scissors

build quality

Beard scissors all look like identical little pieces of steel, minus some color changes around, but that doesn’t mean they are. The types of steel used in facial shears may be different than you might think. Low-quality clippers will not be as sharp and may pull some of the beard hairs out before they are cut. sounds like crap pre shave- ence (See what we did there?)

The harder the steel, the sharper the blade, and the longer it will take to dull. Make sure you buy carefully; You don’t want to end up with a pair of rusty twigs instead of shiny shears after a few years of use.


The first thing you’re going to look at is probably the price. It may surprise you that the prices of beard scissors can skyrocket. You can spend over a thousand dollars on ultra-high quality beard scissors. But you’re probably not a hairdresser, so there are plenty of great options along the way. less than a grand.

Unless you’re the type to use money as toilet paper, you probably don’t want the most expensive scissors. $300 is the most we’d recommend, and that will get you a decent pair of beard scissors.

Shape and type

An overall length of 5-6″ is standard for regular beard scissors with a 2″ blade. Past 6” and you are entering hair scissor territory, and this is not where your face wants to be. For beard scissors, longer = less precise. So don’t you dare try trimming it with those poultry-rendering shreds from the kitchen. You may inadvertently cut off an extra portion of facial hair.

Also, keep in mind that if you’re limited to a pair of beard scissors, make it a pointy one. A rounded tip won’t give you that level of precision when you want to get fancy with your hair art.

general question

    • Cutting a beard with scissors takes practice but is well worth the practice. Get talented enough with beard scissors, and you can sculpt some real body-hair masterpieces. Hell, maybe even become an amateur stylist in your spare time.

      Not everyone can go to the hairdresser weekly (or more). Get your scissors, a comb, and either a trimmer or razor to pull this off at home. Then follow our step-by-step guide. However, if you mess it up, don’t blame us. We can’t give you a steady hand.

      • Don’t be in a hurry to use sharp scissors. You need a plan. It may sound like common sense, but there’s one style to keep in mind when you start sneaking in to avoid sabotaging yourself.

        • Don’t expect to dive into this trim with a haggard hermit beard. Not only will your mug fudge be less pliable and coarse, but it’s just as gross. You should probably shower more often, man.

          1. Comb Your Beard

          Some of you may be impatient, but you need to slow down here. Being too hasty can ruin your beautiful, growing beard. You want your Man-Fur to get all the benefits he can in life.

          Mix it away from the body until it becomes tangled and keep stirring it.

          2. Trim That Base

          You’ll need a well-defined beard foundation to start, so trim the hair at the tip of your beard (or trim it to your desired length), and make sure all hairs are the same length.

          All the hair at the bottom should now be the same length.

          3. Neck cleaning time

          Unless you’re going for wizard-chic, you’re going to need to clear your neck. Any razor will work, but people with sensitive skin can look for an electric trimmer for this. It won’t cut as short, but you’ll avoid razor burn and a bumpy neck.

          Trim everything down from your Adam’s apple, and you’ll remain a golden ponytail (sorry, couldn’t resist).

          4. Cleanse Your Cheeks

          It’s time to take care of the wild hair growing out of your fresh beard. You know the ones I mean. Cut every bad hair to make yourself look curvy and plush, not lifeless and lazy.

          5. Handle the Mustache

          You can skip this step if you are going for the untamed walrus look. For all others, trim the stache using your top lip as a reference. If you want to start making mustache handlebars, keep extending the arms.

          Either way, you’ll probably want to clean the front of your mouth. It is difficult to eat with a mouth full of hair.

          6. Pamper Your Creation

          Congratulations. You shaved your own beard and hopefully didn’t spoil it. Even if you did, no one would notice (probably). Just be sure to treat yourself and your beard with the care you both deserve.

          Massage in some great beard balm or beard oil to keep away any dandruff blizzards and the dreaded itchy hot beard. Skipping this important step could result in a blizzard and a whole day of neck-scratching. you’ve been warned.

          Congratulations, you trimmed your beard correctly and brought it to life. Stick with this routine, and that beard will stay fresh and fresh.

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