The 8 Best Beard Straighteners That Will Change Your Grooming Routine (2022 Edition)

Wild Willies beard straightener on a log

There are two types of boys in this world.

Boy 1: “How could I have gone my whole life without the miraculous wonders of this beard straightener? Two words: game-changer.”

Boy 2: “Wait… are beard straighteners a thing?”

If you’re in the latter camp, welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. If the former, then you still stand to learn a thing or two about the best beard straighteners available to you today. With so many options from brush to comb, these wonders of the men’s grooming world are essentially a hybrid of a flat iron and a beard brush. When used properly, they can help keep your unruly facial mane under control and allow you to apply things like beard oil and other products more effortlessly.

To help you sort through the endless options, take a look at our picks of the 8 best beard straighteners available on the market today.

When it comes to flaunting your beard gracefully on your face for the whole world to see, leaving it out in the contest for popularity isn’t enough. Still… there is something to be said for the mostly positive opinion of over 6,000 people. Several Amazon reviewers cite that Kezor’s straighteners have excelled where previous purchases have failed.

From a technical point of view, it gets up to temperature in about a minute, has a heat-resistant silicone coating, and has an auto-off feature that starts up after 30 minutes. The price point is also competitive compared to similar products.

what we like

  • Positive reviews build trust in the product
  • competitive price point
what we don’t like

  • Not ideal for long or thick beards

If your facial hair doesn’t like to play up nice, then this straightening stick from Wild Willies is the new option for you. While its heat settings will be suitable for any beard style Or hair (we love the 2-in-1 option), its non-scaling technology really stands out. With three heat settings, it’s designed to detangle an unruly beard.

And its Ion technology generates heat at a much faster clip than other options, so you can cut down on dreaded bathroom routines for a minute or two. It also has an auto shut-off feature in case your mind wanders too far in the direction of the date you are getting ready for.

what we like

  • Ion technology for faster heating
  • Three heat settings for any type of facial hair
what we don’t like

  • It only reaches 400F, making it slightly cooler than competitors

True to its name, Eberlite’s Pocket Beard Straightener is super compact, making it the perfect size to toss in your carry-on or trunk before travel. Whether you’re hitting the road for business or pleasure, this pint-sized bearded tamer will keep you polished with its five heat settings that reach temperatures in about a minute.

If you have a short beard, you’ll be happy to hear that it also has a thick bristle design, which makes it suitable for any length of facial hair.

what we like

  • compact design
  • not just for long beards
what we don’t like

  • Some reviewers complain of underage

Sure, you don’t need to charge a corded beard straightener, but sometimes you just want to tame your beard without cutting and weaving around unneeded cords. Enter this solidly built cordless alternative from Wikikon.

It has most of the bells and whistles you’ll find with other straighteners on this list, such as auto shut-off, multiple heat settings, and fast heating ion technology. You’re also tipped to have a helpful LED display for temperature monitoring, as well as an anti-static coating that helps reduce uncomfortable tugging. And did we mention it’s cordless?

what we like

  • cordless
  • Anti-static coating for smooth straightening
what we don’t like

  • Requires frequent charging

Arkham’s contribution to our list is the total package. You’re getting yourself the straightener with Arcam’s Single Stroke Technology (SST), which is specially designed to tame one section of your mane at a time with a single stroke. But you’re also getting a wooden comb and a pretty case to lug it around.

As you walk, the cord spins, allowing you to focus on grooming instead of entangled yourself. And not to be one-upped by the other fast-heating straighteners on this list, its no-scald ceramic plates heat up in about 30 seconds. This kit with its comb and case would make a great gift, even if it’s just for you.

what we like

  • Comes with wooden comb and case
  • heats up in 30 seconds
what we don’t like

  • Not as effective on short beards

Is this a beard straightener? Yes. one of a kind. Too many. probably. Anyway, the general look, feel and design of this golden wonder is anything but standard. But looks aside, this straight comb packs a performance punch—it heats up quickly, has a tangle-free cord, and has 20 heat settings.

The 38300 is best for a confident person who prioritizes performance and comfort with the looks of his straightener. Plus, Andis has been in the styling game for over 80 years, which speaks volumes about the product’s build and ability to stand up to any beard in its way.

what we like

  • 20 heat settings
  • quick summer time
what we don’t like

  • unconventional design for beard straightener

Coming in at roughly $13, this is by far the most budget-friendly of our best beard straighteners. And bonus: you’re not missing out on many of the features that are available with some of the more expensive mane tamers. You still have ionic technology working to keep your beard straight without damaging it. You still have a relatively high heat time, about two minutes. And you still have an anti-static coating for a smooth stroke.

But if you’re looking for multiple heat settings, the Bilaro’s pricing will start to make more sense. While this is likely more than enough depending on your beard, this straightener only has one heat setting.

what we like

  • budget friendly
  • Solid features for its price point

Eberlite ranks its second on our list with EDC, and for good reason—especially if you have a long beard. Just under two inches wide, this magic mane wand is designed for maximum efficiency when grooming a long beard. And with five heat settings—the highest of which is 430-degrees—it’s ready to take on not only long beards, but those that are curly and unruly.

If you fit that description, then the EDC would be a good fit for you. That said, it is a niche product and works best on beards that are two inches or more. If you have a short beard then there are better options for you.

what we like

  • Wide plate for increased coverage
  • Heat setting up to 440-degrees
what we don’t like

  • Not as versatile as other options

what to look for in a beard straightener


Beard straighteners come in all shapes and sizes. If you travel a lot – whether for work or pleasure – pay attention to the size of the device. Many straighteners are specifically designed for travel. Others are more universally designed but maintain a manageable size to toss in a carry-on. It’s also worth checking out cordless models, which are more convenient and portable.

man sitting in front of bike using beard straightener
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heat control

This is one of the more important considerations when choosing the best beard straightener for you. Generally, the higher the temperature setting, the more tame the long, frizzy, and unruly beard the straightener will be. If your facial hair fits that description, make sure the beard straightener you choose has a setting that reaches at least 400 degrees. For short beards, the heat setting options should be considered less of a deciding factor.


How wide your beard straightener is should be directly related to the length (and width) of your beard. More beard means more real estate to tame. It therefore makes sense to look for a wider plate width to help speed up the process and cover as much ground as possible.

general question

    • A beard straightener is essentially a cross between a flat iron and a comb or brush. Beard straighteners have small heat plates under the bristles of a comb or brush. The plate and bristles work together to safely and effectively smooth and straighten your beard.

      • Before each use, it is recommended that you clean and dry your beard. From there, it’s as easy as plugging in and turning on your straightener, then slowly brushing in a fluid motion from top to bottom. Repeat this process on your entire beard or whatever part you want to straighten. And pay attention to heat settings – generally, the longer and more unruly the beard, the higher the heat setting you want.

        • Since each product is made differently, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your beard straightener. A common technique is to weave a disinfected wipe or damp cloth through the bristles of the device to help reduce oil and hair buildup.

          • How often you use a beard straightener depends on a few factors, such as how curly or unruly your beard is, how long it is, and other considerations. There is no one-size-fits-all answer as it will depend on personal preference and your unique ideas of beard.

            • There are two types of beard straighteners – hair drying and heated brushes. As you can imagine, hair dryers blow hot air through the bristles directly onto your beard. Heated brushes have a heat source just below the bristles. While there are nuances to each type — ceramic, tourmaline or ionic, for example — most beard straighteners fall under one of those two main categories.

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