The 10 Most Popular Men’s Underwear Brands for Stylish Boys (2022 Edition)

mac-welden-men's underwear

Underwear is the most commonly worn item in men’s wardrobe, yet most men buy underwear like disposable razors.

It’s time to stop buying the cheapest pair you can find, You should focus on quality over quantity for your underwear – After all, it is the item of clothing that helps support your most important assets!

But how do you find the most popular men’s underwear brands to buy with so many options to choose from? Well, there I come.

In today’s article, I am sharing 10 Most Popular Men’s Underwear Brands Which you should consider buying.

I’ll cover:

  1. mac welden
  2. tommy john
  3. Calvin Klein
  4. Meundies
  5. all birds
  6. Bombas
  7. lululemon
  8. jockey
  9. saxx
  10. all citizens

#1 Mac Weldon

Not many underwear companies can say that they have included pure silver in their fabric mixes.

MAC Weldon Can – That’s why they top my list of popular men’s underwear brands you should buy. They have created one of the most comfortable and long lasting odor protection profiles in any underwear brand to date.

With a micro modal fabric blend like silk, the brand has cemented its name in the comfort category with various styles. But do not forget about the silver that has been mentioned earlier.

With the inclusion of silver, Mac Weldon adds a next-level layer of anti-odor protection that surpasses the competition With a silver line of underwear.

Add in mesh cooling zones and a double-sided fly, and you have some of the most comfortable and functional underwear on the market.

#2 Tommy John

tommy-john-men's underwear

When it comes to pure function and comfort Tommy John has it in the men’s underwear category.

With 6″ Keyme available on their second skin line, you can be sure that things like chafing, and ‘riding-up’ are a thing of the past. It offers the right amount of insurance coverage that is slightly longer than average so that you can be comfortable throughout the day.

Tommy John also has a modern-style horizontal fly Which allows for quick and easy access to your most important assets when you need them.

Using the best materials available for men’s underwear and paired with a non-rolling waistband, Tommy John’s has some great underwear for daily use.

#3 Calvin Klein

calvin-klein-men's underwear

Nothing projects a classic and timeless look more than a Calvin Kleins pair.

His original line of cotton boxer briefs was introduced in 1981 and has remained a staple in mainstream media ever since (remember the infamous Mark Wahlberg photo?).

But status alone is not enough to put this brand on the list. They’ve created a reasonably affordable, all-cotton boxer brief that’s comfortable and functional for daily use.

Featuring a comfortable waistband and functional fly, Calvin Klein has perfected cotton boxer briefs and still manages to keep the price-to-performance reasonable over the years.

They have active performance offerings made from synthetic materials and an array of styles anywhere from briefs to tights.

You can’t go wrong with Calvin Klein underwear when it comes to their price-to-performance ratio. They’re a significant upgrade from the bulk-pack options available at chain stores.

#4 Meundies

men's underwear

With the most unique and vibrant designs on this list, Meundies has created a comfortable pair of underwear that you can buy in any color or pattern you can think of.

They have collaborated and designed some of the most unique patterns available for men’s underwear anywhere from The Simpsons to Star Wars.

While they offer some of the widest range of designs in the market, yet they have focused on the customer by creating a best fitting pair of best underwear for daily use.

Their most important selling point is the offering A monthly subscription that allows you to save 30% on underwear while building your collection over time.

MeUndies is an excellent brand if you are looking for an affordable pair of undies that gives you the right expression of choice while being one of the few brands to offer a monthly subscription.

#5 All Birds

All Birds - Men's Underwear

While you may know them best for their wool sneakers, Allbirds has created an eco-friendly alternative to men’s underwear that fits well and doesn’t break the bank.

Their all-natural line of underwear features a secure-fit waistband and fabric blend that delivers a silky-sleek feel when there’s plenty of space in all the right places.

Allbirds delivers excellent value-to-performance, giving it a great option for moisture-wicking and odor-reducing underwear.

The best part of buying a pair of Allbirds underwear is that you can save even more money when you bundle it up with the already famous socks and shoes if you need to.

#6 Bombas

Bombas - men's underwear

Well-known for their legendary line of socks, Bombus has made a name for itself in the underwear industry by bringing the same level of comfort and performance to its line of underwear as its socks are known for.

With a variety of fabrics and styles to choose from, Bombus has secured its name in men’s underwear by offering some of the best performance and comfort available.

With a great fit with lots of space, this underwear brand also Featuring a unique diagonal fly that allows men equal comfort without compromising on the support you desire.

Whether you want a moisture-wicking pair of performance underwear or an extremely breathable and comfortable pair of cotton modals, the Bombus is the perfect pair for you.

#7 Lululemon

lululemon men's underwear

No other brand on this list has solidified its name in the active-wear community more than Lululemon.

By designing a pair of underwear made for men on the go, Lululemon has created a great fitting pair of performance-oriented undies that men will love.

Available with 5″ inseam and additional support pockets, The Lululemon line of men’s underwear is the perfect pair of underwear for active men Those who want the best performance available.

While being on the expensive side of men’s underwear, Lululemon has made sure you’re getting a well-fitting, flexible pair of underwear that wicks away moisture and removes odor Available with some of the best ingredients.

#8 Jockey

jockey-men's underwear

When it comes to affordable, performance-oriented underwear, the Jockey has made a name for itself as an excellent, low-priced option for those who don’t want to break the bank but still get a decent amount of performance. get a pair.

Offering underwear at some of the lowest prices on this list, Jockey still has the talk of performance trends.

designed by jockey Available A Hybrid Pair Of Underwear With Chaff Proof Pouch that bridges the gap between traditional boxer briefs and an athletic supporter, This allows for maximum support while still giving the feeling that you are wearing undies on a regular basis.

Jockey is a great brand for men who want to offer modern fitting underwear and performance while staying on the affordable side of things.

#9 Sex

saxx - men's underwear

While most brands focus on crazy patterns or comfort, Saxx does both very well.

They have a wide range of designs and patterns available along with having some of the best fitting underwear in the market.

Featuring their trademark ballpark pouches, they have created a great fitting pair of traditional boxer briefs that provide the level of support you expect from an expensive performance brand.

Saxx made some of . also added to The most unique designs available in men’s underwear with a main focus on comfort and movement.

Saxx is an excellent brand if you are looking for a well-fitting pair of underwear that offers excellent support and performance and comes in a variety of patterns and colorways.

#10 All Citizens

all-citizens-men's underwear

Rounding out the list is one such brand that offers comfortable-fitting underwear designed for bodies of all shapes and sizes.

All Citizens has made a name for itself in the underwear industry by carrying some of the best fitting and most supportive underwear on the market and offering a pair for all body types.

This level of inclusivity is unmatched, as is their trademark Paradise Pocket, one of the best package supporting designs available.

With a mesh cradle to provide top-notch support, a grating-reducing design and fine fabric, All Citizen shines in its ability to have a great fitting pair of underwear for men of all types.

With so many designs and colors to choose from, All Citizen is an excellent brand if you are looking for some of the most supportive underwear available along with being a man of a different fit and build.

Now that you have a comprehensive list of the most popular men’s underwear brands, you can also see how to find the proper fit for your unique body. Click here to discover the best men’s underwear for your body type.

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