Supersets may not be better for gaining mass

If you and your friends are debating the benefits of supersets, a study in Journal of Science in Sport and Exercise shows that these strength-coupled exercises have the potential to improve strength, but they don’t work any better than traditional weightlifting when it comes to increasing muscle mass.

In the study, researchers found that after eight weeks of training, athletes who were on a regimen of bench press and biceps curl supersets did not develop larger arms—a common belief among people—than the standard weightlifting group.

Supersetters, on the other hand, improved their ability to lift for more reps. Researchers say the main advantage is that by performing supersets, you can achieve twice the amount of work in half the time.

So if you’re trying to squeeze in a lunchtime session or get out early after work, supersets should be the exercise for you. Looking for some supersets to try? Consider these in your circuit:

  • Pullups + Pushups
  • Leg Press + Leg Curl
  • bench press + inverted row
  • Biceps Curls + Triceps Dips

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