Stylish Shorts for Men – The Ultimate Buying Guide

leather boat shoes and shorts

When it comes to buying summer shorts for men, most people don’t know where to start.

Without an understanding of stylish designs and cuts, many men fall into the trap of buying ‘fashionable’ shorts that will look ridiculous when it comes to next summer. No one wants to look back at photos and think ‘Why on earth did I think they were a good idea?’

As always, I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen. In today’s article, I’m breaking The Best Timeless Shorts A Man Can Buy To look stylish this summer and beyond.

In this guide, we will cover:

  1. Which style of shorts should you buy?
  2. How do you buy perfect fitting shorts?
  3. What are the best fabrics for men’s shorts?
  4. What colors of shorts are the most stylish?
  5. What trends should you avoid when buying shorts?

#1 Which style of shorts should you buy?

Men’s shorts come in a variety of styles, but how do you choose the best design for you?

it all comes down to Understanding the many different styles of shorts and where they might fit in your wardrobe.

I’ll be honest – there are hundreds of styles to choose from. So today we are going to mention top 3 most popular styles and how they can fit in your wardrobe.

flat front shorts

sand colored chino shorts

These are the most common styles of shorts. they have a Classic and simple design where the material lies flat near the zipGives you a slim, low waist look.

Flat-front shorts will be popular with all men when looking for a classic pair of shorts that go with a variety of tops and shoes.

cargo shorts

green cargo shorts

They are loose-fitting and baggy in appearance. They offer great utility by having multiple side pockets for lots of storage.

Cargo shorts get a bad reputation because most men’s pockets tend to make your legs look heavy and fat.

They can be worn properly if you Buy the right pair and don’t overload the wallets.

swimming shorts

Blue Nylon Swim Shorts

They are typically made of a synthetic material such as nylon, which has an inner layer of mesh so that they can dry faster. they are Go-to style for a beach outing or if you’ll be on a boat.

Swimming shorts should not be worn casually unless you plan on getting them wet, or else they will be out of place.

Which style should you choose?

shorts formality infographic
Many different types of men’s shorts.

Flat-front shorts will be the most common and most popular style for all men. They offer great versatility and a classic design, They are casual and offer many different options for outfits.

Now that we’ve got the most popular styles of men’s shorts to wear, let’s discuss finding the right fit for your body type.

#2 How do you buy the perfect fitting shorts?

man wearing shorts and casual jacket

Too often, men make the mistake of wearing improperly-fitting shorts. There are several things to keep in mind when trying to find the right fit for your shorts.

The most important things to look for when trying to find the right fit are length and whether you should get a slim-fit or a classic cut.


Men's Shorts Inseam Length

It is extremely important to choose the right length for your height as your shorts should cover about a third of your entire leg. It provides best proportions and gives best appearance.

The rule of thumb here is that The overall length of the shorts should always be above the knee and never below, For most men, 2-3 inches above the knee is a great starting point.

Achieve this by identifying the best inseam length for your height. Finding the right inseam length will be important to ensure that shorts fit properly and look stylish.

Beam length is the distance from the top of the shorts at the belt line to the opening of the shorts’ lower leg.

Infographic - 7 Inch Inseam Shorts on Body Types

Most shorts come in a variety of beam lengths, but Most men will find that the true range is anywhere between 5 inches and 11 inches.

The most commonly chosen key length is 7 inches and most men who are of average height will find this length suitable for them.

If you’re on the opposite end of the height spectrum, you most likely have to go for which beam length you want.

For example, if you are a short man, a 5-inch key may suffice for you, while a taller person may opt for a 9-inch key.

fit type

shorts on a rail

When it comes to buying perfect-fitting shorts, there are two types of fits.

Slim-fits provide a great tailored appearance as they typically curve down the leg but still have plenty of room to move and be comfortable.

This type of cut will work for most men of varying heights, however, they will generally be too tight on large-built men.

If the foot opening is too narrow, you may want to look for another type of fit to be comfortable.

Classic-cut shorts would be a great choice for big-bodied men or men with big legs because they still have a clean silhouette but don’t slim down the leg.

This allows for men whose big feet can still look stylish but remain comfortable.

The best rule of thumb is Shorts should fit snugly around the waist, provide ample room in the seat, and have a nice taper at the bottom Hitting 2-3 inches above the knee.

If you’re asking what these exact measurements should be, you can always go to your local tailor and get the fit right.

You can also buy shorts that fit snugly, then have them changed by your tailor to get the right fit.

#3 What are the best fabrics for men’s shorts?

shorts and white sneakers

After you find the right inseam length and fit on your shorts, it’s important to discuss the different fabrics or materials you can choose from.

The most popular material used for shorts is cotton, but there are other fabrics you may want to choose from depending on the type of event or outfit you are looking for.

Fabrics can also be selected for specific weather conditions as you may want a lighter material in extreme hot climates than cotton.


These are the most popular fabric choices for men’s shorts: It provides a great balance in comfort and temperature regulation While the least expensive is the material option.

Cotton shorts have moderate wrinkle resistance and are best suited for daily use.

They will allow for great versatility as they are available in a spectrum of colors and will offer you the most bang on outfits.


It is a great choice for extremely hot weather climates as it is very Lightweight and breathable.

Linen allows great temperature regulation And this will be a staple if you’re going to be wearing shorts in extreme heat.

Linen is more expensive than cotton and can wrinkle easily, making it best suited for those extremely hot days when you need it most.

synthetic material

Man-made materials such as nylon and polyester can Provide great performance for temperature regulation and moisture-wicking.

These materials vary in price and are best suited for specific needs.

For example, you may want your swimming shorts to be made of nylon because they are lightweight and dry quickly.

Another example would be golfing shorts because these performance-based materials allow you great flexibility and moisture wicking allowing you to stay comfortable and dry on the course.

#4 What colors of shorts are the most stylish?

Infographic - Shorts Colors

Colors can be subjective, however, so it’s easy to remember that your original color (blue, gray, brown, etc.) will be most versatile while pastel colors (lavender, mint, salmon, etc.) will be the most vibrant and distinctive outfit.


From light blue to navy, this is a great choice because it’s highly interchangeable And it can be worn with a variety of shirts.

Navy shorts are a staple of men’s wardrobe As they can be worn with polos and casual button-downs and offer the most versatility.


It’s a brilliant non-color that Allows you to wear any color shirt And still look stylish.

It can range from light brown to charcoal and offers a lot of versatility on outfit options.


Commonly found as khakis, they can range in color from light beige or tan to dark brown. They are timeless, simple and often Common options for slightly more formal situations,

light color

These are considered to be ultra-casual and Provide versatility at least for frequent wear,

Colors like Lime, Lavender, Mint and Salmon would be great choices for a vibrant look as they tend to grab more attention than their more conservative counterparts mentioned above.

It’s important to note that you should try to have a solid foundation of blues, grays and browns before moving to brighter colors, as basic colors offer the most versatility for your wardrobe.

man wearing torn shorts and crooked belt


Too much bother on shorts can look harsh. And that won’t be the style you’re looking for.

Sometimes a “trendy” look isn’t the most stylish look, so it’s best to find a simple, timeless classics Which has remained stylish over the years.

heavy cargo shorts

Cargo shorts are a great option for those who need extra pocket space.

You can wear slimmer cut cargo shorts and pocket one of two things, but once you find yourself stuffing them and giving yourself a “trapezoid” look, you’ll need to keep everything in place instead. It requires finding a good backpack.

Loud Patterns or Crazy Branding

In today’s vibrant branding and marketing world, it can be easy to slip into the idea that a big logo on your shorts is currently “in.”

Again, as mentioned earlier, sometimes looking “trendy” isn’t always stylish, so Stay away from crazy branding or patterns, The simple, timeless look of solid colors will give you the most stylish look overall.

Once you read this guide completely, you will know everything about it how to buy men’s shorts, If you follow this guide, you can easily choose the right men’s shorts for you and rock them all summer long.

If you’re ready to take your look to the next level, check out what shoes go well with shorts,

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