Spotify Launches New AI Speakers Function’s ON 21feb

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For many years, Spotify has been a household name in the music streaming sector. The business has been extending its scope in recent years to provide services other than merely music streaming. The company’s speaker is its newest offering. With a few more capabilities, these speakers give users a fantastic music listening experience .The sleek design of this Voice speaker is comparable to that of the Spotify Connect and would look good in any space. With four drivers and two tweeters, the speaker, which comes in two colors black and white offers customers high-quality Audio.

We’ll examine the speaker in more detail in this post, along with its features and what makes it unique from other speakers available.



The voice-activated smart speaker known as the Spotify speaker makes it simple for consumers to access their favourite music. It may be managed by voice commands via the Spotify app and streams music via Spotify Connect.

The speaker has a top-notch driver that produces clear and sharp sound. Moreover, it contains two microphones that provide voice controls and enhance the speaker’s overall audio quality. The speaker has a modern, sleek look that blends in with any interior design.


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THE SPOTIFY Speakers functions have a variety of features and The seamless integration of Spotify’s smart speakers with the Spotify app is one of its key features. Without using a different app or device, users can effortlessly manage their audio playback, make playlists, and access their favourite songs and podcasts. Users can browse enormous music catalogue with this connection and find new musicians and songs.

1. Voice command

The speaker’s voice control capabilities are one of its most notable features. Both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are compatible with the speaker. This implies that users can change the song, manage the level, and even control the playback of their music using voice commands.

2. Spotify connect

A special feature called Spotify Connect enables customers to operate the speaker using the Spotify app. Users can operate the speaker using this feature without the requirement for voice instructions. The app may be used to browse for music, make playlists, and adjust volume.

3.Multi-Room Audio

Multi-room audio is also supported by the speaker. Users can broadcast music to many rooms simultaneously by connecting multiple speakers to their home network using this capability. For individuals who want to listen to music around their house, this feature is fantastic.

4.Sound Performance

The speaker has a top-notch driver, which produces great sound quality. The speaker’s midrange and high frequencies are crisp and well-balanced, and its bass response is outstanding. The two microphones on the speaker aid in enhancing sound quality by lowering background noise and enhancing voice recognition.


The speaker has a modern, sleek look that blends in with any interior design. The gadget has a simple design and comes in two colors: black and white. A fabric grille that covers the speaker’s front gives it a high-end appearance.



The speaker is a fantastic addition to the market for smart speakers, to sum up. The speaker is a notable product because to its voice control capabilities, multi-room audio support, app integration, and high-quality sound. Because of its fashionable style, the speaker will complement any type of interior decoration. If you enjoy music and want to get a new smart speaker

The speakers do have certain restrictions when compared to other well-known smart speakers on the market, like Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Nest. The speakers are solely compatible with the Spotify app, unlike the Echo and Nest speakers, which are made to function with a variety of music streaming providers. As a result, consumers who favour using Apple Music or Tidal or other music streaming services will be unable to use Spotify’s speakers.

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