California Goes on Alert due to Heavy snowfall..

Heavy Snowfall in South California An Unusual Observation from the last Over the weekend, a Rare cold front supercharged by tropical precipitation dumped heavy rain and snow on some urban Southern California rooftops, and more is expected.

A tornado in the south California was confirmed to have occurred near Shawnee, a city located just east of Oklahoma City, according to the National Weather Service. Although Southern California is renowned for its warm and sunny climate, there has We’ll go into more detail about the recent, significant snowfall in Southern California in this post, including its causes, impacts, and what locals should do to keep safe.

News and Updates Related to this weather

According to the National Weather Service, Several people in high desert areas and Southern California valleys, such as Antelope Valley and the San Gabriel Valley, awoke on Saturday to a fresh dusting of snow due to a mix of a relatively warm atmospheric river and cold air from the Gulf of Alaska.

1.Over 5 feet of snow fell during the previous four days at Donner Peak, the University of California,

2. More than 6 feet of snow fell at Mountain High Resort in Wrightwood, roughly 75 miles east of Los Angeles, in less than a week, with 5 of those feet falling in a single day

3.the storm proceeded south and east overnight from Oregon, the snow, rain, and wind caused road closures and flooding near rivers and washes throughout California.

4.Over the course of four days, Los Angeles County received several inches of rain. 6.7 inches fell at Topanga Canyon near Malibu, 7.84 inches in Pasadena, and 4.3 inches in downtown Los Angeles.

Local’s Perspective on the weather of Southern California

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The local’s said that it has recently been a strange occurrence of the significant snowfall. Several locals were unprepared because the region is not generally known for having considerable snowfall Tony Wittmann, the fire chief for Shawnee, stated late on Sunday that he was aware of no injuries, but that homes north of Interstate 40 had suffered some damage and there were also broken gas lines and downed utility wires.

According to NBC affiliate KFOR of Oklahoma City, there have been reports of cables down, trees uprooted, and damage to homes in Norman. Whether there were wounds was unclear.

The state Department of Disaster Management and Homeland Security warned many people were still in danger as the hazardous weather moved away from the area.

Reason’s for Southern California’s Significant Snowfall

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The “Pineapple Express,” an uncommon weather occurrence, is to blame for Southern California’s significant snowfall. Heavy rain and snowfall are brought to the West Coast by the Pineapple Express, a warm, humid air circulation that moves out of the tropical Pacific Ocean. The warm air that fuels the current comes from Hawaii, where pineapples are grown, hence the current’s name.

Extreme weather, such as flooding, landslides, and heavy snowfall, is frequently brought on by the Pineapple Express. Every few years, the phenomena is known to happen, but the latest snowfall in Southern California was more intense than usual.

Effects of this weather in Southern California

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The region has been significantly impacted by the substantial snowfall in Southern California, which has resulted in traffic delays, power outages, and infrastructural damage. Several roads have been closed as a result of the snowfall, making it challenging for locals to go to work, school, or medical appointments. Power outages brought on by the snow and ice have also left many residents without heat or electricity.

Local businesses have also been impacted by the snowfall, with several needing to close as a result of the weather. Winter sports enterprises and ski resorts have witnessed a rise in sales, but the weather has hurt other sectors including agriculture and tourism.

Measures to take during this kind of weather

You must take precautions to keep safe during a major snowstorm if you reside in Southern California. Consider the following advice.

1.Remain inside – If at all possible, stay inside when it is snowing heavily. Slipping and falling is simple on the snow and ice, which can be dangerous.

2.Dress Properly – Put on warm, water-resistant clothes, such as a hat, gloves, and boots, if you must go outside. Cotton can absorb moisture and make you cooler, so avoid wearing it.

3. Drive cautiously – If you must travel while it is snowing heavily, do it slowly and sensibly. Use your turn signals and headlights, and keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

4. Have an emergency kit on hand -Have a first aid kit, food, water, and warm clothing in your home and car.

5. Watch News – Follow local news and weather updates to stay up to date on the latest weather conditions. Keep an eye out for any risks or road closures.


The recent heavy snowfall in Southern California has been a rare and exceptional occurrence, it serves as a reminder of the value of being ready for bad weather. It is crucial to keep aware and take precautions to stay safe since the Pineapple Express might bring severe snowfall, flooding, and other dangers to the West Coast. You can better safeguard yourself and your loved ones during a severe snowfall by keeping in mind the advice provided in this article.

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