Soccer Casual: How to Wear Terrace Fashion

Usually, stepping out head to toe in your most expensive clothes can be something you can reserve for a date, a wedding or a black-tie incident, However, if you were a devotee of rooftop fashion, a match day trip to the pub would be the only excuse you’d need to adapt yourself and boot.

Of course, by “suits” we mean a grand price of designer Italian outerwear and by “boots” we’re talking pimple-tooth-rare Adidas trainers. Because Terrace Lads’ Definition of Finery Is Far From Your Standard Savile Row Tailoring

Followers of this sub-cultural movement refer to themselves as “casual”. To the layman, they are football fans who prefer to dress themselves in designer “casual” clothing rather than the colors of their team. Beginning in the late 1970s, this was done in order to more easily infiltrate rival firms for fighting – something that has made the term synonymous with hooliganism and fraud.

But not all are casual or hell-fueled vandalism on the weekend. For many, his love for the scene revolves around fashion and music. Scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find that there’s more to roof fashion than just flying fists and the Stone Island logo. In fact, the scene has influenced modern men’s clothing in ways you probably didn’t even know about.

rise of contingency

Terrace fashion has its roots in the late 1970s. The success of English football clubs saw young fans travel to Europe for matches and develop a taste for new and foreign sports in the process. They brought it back home, others saw and wanted it, and so the series began. This was really the start of the hype games.

The subculture developed its own uniforms and selection of main brands. “Farah, Lois, Deidora, nikeAdidas, Puma, Sergio Tacchini, Fila, Alessi, Cerutti 1881, Australian, Lacoste, Lyle & Scott, Pringle, Kappa,” says Neil Primate, owner of ’80s Casual Classics, a dedicated casual shop that supplied wardrobe to movies. is of. company, this is England And The business, “These are the labels that make up your typical 1979-to-1985 casual outfit.

“Where exactly it started is more difficult to say. I couldn’t pin it down.”

Many credit Manchester as the birthplace of terrace fashion, others check the name Liverpool. Wherever it began, one thing was certain: this new way of dressing was providing young, working-class men a space where they could engage with fashion.

“Then we got into one-upmanship,” says the primate. “It was all about who had the best and latest gear. Maybe you want the best Patrick soccer shoes to look like the best footballers ever. Next thing you know you were after the latest Patrick Cagaul. And so it continued. ,

Young Football Fans of the 1980s

The evolution of ceiling fashion

One-upmanship meant that terrace fashion developed rapidly, especially during the ’80s. “The style changed rapidly and dramatically,” recalls Gary Esden, a footwear designer and brand consultant for Adidas, and the cult figure in ceiling fashion. “It ranged from skin-tight jeans with flares to tapered fits to 501 fits to loose, baggy fits—all in the space of a decade. That would literally change overnight. It was truly street fashion. You had to keep up with it.” Had to be a part of it.”

Firm 2009

During the ’90s, cornerstone brands such as Sergio Tacchini and Fila took the likes of Stone Island and CP Company. high-end names, such as Prada, Burberry, Aquascutum and gucci As the casuals continued their efforts to outdo each other, they started entering the stands as well.

However, the persistent peacock was not going to last. New technology and the advent of online auctions saw previously rare items become more easily obtainable and the casual look stabilized. “The playing field is very different from when I was a teenager,” says Esden. “And it’s down to the Internet.

“Casual style nowadays tends to have a very set look and while it still exists, the style one-upmanship doesn’t have the same urgency that it used to go before. The only two brands I can think of are via Adidas and Lacoste Longevity to maintain its relevance.

Danny Dyer in Business

Terrace Fashion in Modern Menswear

Today, terrace fashion has gone off the stand and into the mainstream. Brands that were once deeply associated with football violence shrugged off those negative connotations and became more accessible. It is a result of the casual form of moving beyond its sporting-tribe roots and becoming a lifestyle for the style conscious men.

It’s something that Asden identifies with her work on Adidas’s Spezial line – a collection of clothing that is bringing casual style to a wider audience. “With Spezial we acknowledge that there is an Adidas-dedicated audience in the UK and across Northern Europe, with roots in the casual genre and little to no relation to sneakerhead-hyped-basketball-inspired. Games Culture that pervades America. ,

Music has also played a big role in opening the casual uniform to a wider audience. The arrival of Acid House in the late 1980s and early 1990s brought sportier styles and big logo While in the spotlight, artists such as Liam Gallagher, The Stone Roses and Kasabian have all played a part in keeping the genre alive today.

modern ceiling fashion

SERGIO TACCHINi lacoste live fila stone island

Rooftop Trainer Culture

The word “sneakerhead” probably isn’t something you associate with the rain-soaked rooftops of English football clubs, but coach culture prevails in this country, thanks to casual ones. However, while traditional sneaker enthusiasts focus on all things nike And New Balance is just one brand worth trying for the terrace fashion set.

“Adidas has always made the best football products and for me that is at its core,” Aspen says. “Where I grew up, when the whole roof thing started in the late 1970s, it was little kids who embraced the brand’s soccer shoes as a fashion staple.”

Most of the Aspen generation was introduced to Adidas shoes through football shoes such as the Kick, Mamba, Bamba and Samba. As the 1980s progressed, all Adidas styles became popular—not just football-inspired models. “We were wearing everything from tennis, running, training, indoor and even leisure shoes made by Adidas at the time,” Aspen recalls. “There was also a large subculture of children traveling to Switzerland, Austria and Germany to capture Adidas trainers that were not available in the UK.”

adidas samba

After detecting demand, knowledgeable retailers such as Liverpool’s Wade Smith and Manchester’s Oasis (not the band) bypassed the company and began importing Adidas shoes themselves. This opened things up to a wider audience and made scarce trainers more manageable for UK enthusiasts, and further cemented the brand with three straps, which is a go-to for casual footwear. .

“I think most roofers love the simplicity of the Adidas aesthetic of the ’70s and ’80s,” Aspen says. “Adidas shoes are synonymous with casual style in the same way that Doc Martens is synonymous with skinheads.”

It’s a trend as evergreen as the Converse All-Stars, but nonetheless, with a modern obsession retro sneakers Has brought the styles of the 80s and 90s back into fashion.

key pieces

The typical terracewear aficionado’s wardrobe will be packed to bursting with expensive coats, techno jackets, and rare trainers. However, the bulk of it can be divided into seven different categories. These are the major styles you need to know about.



If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to see green StreetThere are two things you’ll probably remember about Charlie Hunnam’s soccer-firm-boss character. Number one: His shockingly badly acted Cockney accent. And number two: her antique, Stone Island trench coat.

In the 1980s, casuals turned to British luxury brands, the two main ones being Burberry and Aquascutum. These two labels are known for producing some of the best long-length outerwear and it wasn’t long before beige, knee-length coats were filling the football fields.

In recent years, the style has lost more techno styles, but still remains a cornerstone of casual culture.

Best Casual Mac Coat

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hooded jacket

The north-west of England is arguably the spiritual home of terrace fashion. Rainy, outerwear-loving cities like Manchester and Liverpool gave birth to casuals and as such, the scene’s affinity for anorex and cagoules runs deep.

Terrace fashion is about two major things: who’s the best clobber, and keeping the elements away while watching the match. High-quality, high-end hooded jackets have become the defining apparel of the scene in this set of requirements. Brands such as Stone Island and CP Company have become the gold standard, but yachting and outdoor brands such as Henri Lloyd, Fjallraven and Paul & Shark are also popular.

Best Casual Anorak

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track jacket

Before all the Aquascutum trench coats and CP Company goggle jackets, the humble track jacket reigned supreme in the casual wardrobe. This sporty, retro piece is still a common sight at matches today, but that was when fans started bringing tracksuits It was from trips back to Europe in the late 1970s that it really gained a foothold in the subculture.

Italian brands such as Sergio Tacchini, Alessi and Fila soon came to define the look. The fact that these names were not available in the UK at the time only made them all the more attractive to young football fans who were keen to outdo each other in the fashion stakes.

Best Football Casual Track Jacket

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whereas corduroy Trousers and even flares have enjoyed waves of popularity in terrace fashion, with straight-leg denim that prevails. Jeans has been a staple in Liverpool since its early days, and as the casual look continues to evolve, so has its followers’ taste in denim.

Traditionally, Emporio Armani’s mid-wash and stonewash fabric was probably the most widely worn fabric—almost followed by an expensive jacket and a good pair of trainers. However, today’s terrace-fashion fans are more attached to their weight and weight, often heavier, raw denim from dedicated brands like Edwin and Nudie.

best straight cut jeans for men

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A multipurpose accessory useful for keeping out the cold on winter terraces and smoky faces before and after a match scramble, the scarf is deeply ingrained in the casual way of life.

Often worn to cover the nose and mouth, checks and tartans are what it is all about. British brands such as Burberry, Aquascutum and Barbour are all popular choices and are still a common sight on football fields today.

Best Football Casual Scarves

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For casuals who intend to fight, baseball caps CCTV cameras and police patrol have always provided another easy means of hiding your face. This practical use has seen the cap permeate terrace fashion become the headwear of choice for both predatory and peaceful terrace lads.

Again, Burberry is a favorite brand, thanks to its luxury price tag and distinctive all-over Check branding. Meanwhile, the Polo Ralph Lauren and Lacoste are solid choices on the lower end of the price spectrum.

Best Caps for Football Casuals

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Terrace Fashion is probably at least fifty percent about trainers. Having the most in-demand kicks is a big part of the reason culture and although the Reebok Classic is a staple option, it is Adidas that rules the roost with regards to footwear.

Classics like Gazelle and Samba have remained popular over the years. But during the early years, young fans often traveled to Germany to pick up rare models that could not be found in the UK.

best football casual trainer

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