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After giving his evidence this week before a Manhattan grand jury considering charges against Trump, Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer, said he was “absolutely” prepared for cross-examination in a future trial

“”Yes, there are many works that we had did which were wrong” — for example, the payment of “hush money”— but I never thought that democracy would be on the line as a direct result of the former president,” Cohen told   specifically “I was supporting a man who would go on to achieve the 45th president of the United States”

Things To know About The Conflict

Michael Cohen, former lawyer and political fixer for former President Donald Trump, has testified before a Manhattan grand jury investigating hush money payments made during Trump’s 2016 campaign to two women who alleged affairs or sexual encounters with him

In recent weeks, Cohen has been frequently meeting with Manhattan prosecutors, including a day-long meeting on Friday to prepare for his testimony before the grand jury.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office is weighing whether to seek charges against Trump over the payments

The Interview

Michael Cohen said he is ready to testify against former president trump credit:-Youtube

Michael Cohen, concludes his grand jury testimony in the Stormy Daniels hush money investigation.

Trump’s former fixer said that he is not worried about Trump supporters criticising his testimony.

“The information is accurate. I’m not concerned about anything they want to throw at me because the truth is the truth and it will always overcome, he said.

After meeting with them twice this week, prosecutors looking into the 2016 payment made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels did not ask Cohen any particular questions, but Cohen later clarified that, in his opinion, there is enough proof to charge and convict the former president.

“I promise you and the American people that the government has all the data necessary to develop an argument, compel an accusation, and get a decision.” and during his testimony, Michael Cohen detailed events that led him to turn on Trump and claimed that Trump knew Roger Stone was in touch with WikiLeaks during the election ,One of Cohen’s core arguments in his testimony was that Trump never directly told him to lie because he didn’t have to

Michael Cohen Speaks About His Family

Michael Cohen

Before the interview, Michael Cohen tweeted a reminder that five years ago, he told Stephanopoulos that his family and nation came first. He also promised to talk about how he has stayed true to those comments since then.

In the final weeks of the 2016 presidential campaign, Daniels was allegedly given $130,000 by Trump’s former fixer to stay quiet about an affair she claimed to have had with the candidate. Former President George H.W. Bush has denied having a “affair,” and his attorneys have painted the money as an extortionate payoff. “You’ll need to speak with Michael Cohen. My attorney is Michael. You must check with Michael “In 2018, Trump refused to say about the payment while speaking to reporters on Air Force One.

Yet, the Trump Organization is said to have reimbursed Cohen for the payment and then classified the repayment as a legal expense, prompting the Manhattan district attorney’s office to look into whether Trump fabricated financial records.

Cohen was given a prison term after pleading guilty to federal counts, including campaign finance offences related to the hush money. Federal prosecutors asserted that Trump, who is identified as Person 1 in court documents, gave Cohen the order to make the $130,000 hush payment, and that his payment to Cohen was then incorrectly recorded in the Trump Organization’s records, according to Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, who made this point on Wednesday.

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