Men’s Summer Style Essentials 2022 What No Other Boys Are Wearing

men's full pocket polo

Summer is finally here. That means it’s time to break out the chino shorts, striped T-shirt, and sandals, right? Wrong.

Ask any stylish man, and he’ll tell you he wants to look great and stand out. but How do you look different with your summer wardrobe? When everyone is wearing the same thing?

This is where I come. I’m here to give you 7 best men’s summer essentials that no other guys would wear.

In this article, I will cover:

  1. full placket polos
  2. espadrilles
  3. Woven Panama Hats
  4. grandfather collar shirt
  5. Pink Linen Button-Down Shirts
  6. nato watch straps
  7. seersucker suit

#1 Full Plaquet Polos

Polo shirts are a staple item when it comes to men’s summer essentials. It is versatile and easy to combine with many outfits.

But this summer everyone and their brothers will be wearing regular polo because it’s a great collared alternative to T-shirts. So how do you take advantage of versatility while still standing out?

That’s where full pocket polo comes in.

Full placket polos are similar to regular polo shirts in that they share the same collar but Deviate from the standard 2-4 button placket instead of a full-length placket,

It gives a more sophisticated and stylish look than its less buttoned friend.

They come in a variety of fabrics but try to choose a silk-cotton blend than their wool counterparts to stay cool in the summer.

Full placket polo pays tribute to mid-century Hollywood An iconic and stylish alternative to the regular polo, Pair it with your favorite chino shorts for a stand-out look this summer.

#2 Espadrilles

green espadrilles

When it comes to summer shoes, you want something light and comfortable.

While most men will opt for a pair of boat shoes or sandals, you should rock a stylish pair of espadrilles to stand out from the crowd.

Inspired by the grandeur of the 13th century, Espadrilles are softly constructed shoes with a woven-style bottom., they have A sandal’s breathability while remaining a smart shoe Which can be worn with trousers.

They offer a classic silhouette that allows you to wear them with shorts and pants alike.

These are a must have in your wardrobe as they are a great and unique option to add to your arsenal of men’s summer essentials.

Wear a Pair of These When You Want to Feel Like James Bond thunderball,

#3 Knitted Panama Hats

knit panama hat

let’s face it; Summer can be hot. Hot sun and hot temperatures can make for an unpleasant experience without the right accessories to combat the heat and keep you cool.

While most men will slap on sunscreen and call it a day, you want more than that. But how do you protect yourself from the heat and stay stylish at the same time?

This is where a great hat can help. But not just any old bucket hat; The boys are already wearing it. A knit Panama hat is one you want to stand out.

provide panama hats The perfect silhouette for something that blocks out the sun but stays small in stature – Big brother in contrast to his cowboy hat.

While standard baseball-style caps can work well for casual environmentsA good panama hat classifies your outfit And the perfect accessory for that short-sleeved button-down at the beach.

While others are out on the beach rocking a bucket hat with a drawstring, you’ll be sipping your favorite drink with your toes in the sand looking like an ultimate gentleman.

#4 Granded Collar Shirts

Grandfather-collar shirt in green

Every man knows it’s time to take off the sweater and slip into a T-shirt for those casual summer days when warmer temperatures hit.

But when you want to stand out and rock an outfit that no one else is wearing this summer, put yourself in a grand collar shirt.

What Exactly Is a Grandfather Collar?

Granded collar shirts (also known as mandarin collar or band collar shirts) were popular in British military uniforms during World War I. They were seen as a practical alternative, less formal than the traditional button-down, yet more formal than the T-. shirt.

in modern times, They are a great alternative to Henley Because they feature a unique collar that Provides a casual feel with the added style of full pockets,

While not on the same level as a polo, these super comfortable shirts are a perfect Segway into classy casual wear. They work well in the summer because they come in a variety of lightweight materials, such as cotton and linen.

Grandfather collar shirts are best paired with shorts and pants but should not be a replacement for traditional collared shirts. They fit well as a T-shirt or the next step from Henley without going too far.

#5 Pink Linen Button-Down Shirts

pink linen shirt

Wearing a button-down shirt in the middle of summer can be tough.

Most men will wear a regular cotton blend shirt and deal with the heat until they realize they’ve sweated so much that their armpits are stained.

Don’t be that man. Wear a linen button-down instead. But don’t go for any linen button-downs; grab a pink To really stand out.

Pink is the perfect color to wear in summers as it does not absorb heat. Pair with linen as a fabric and is one of the best-looking, stand-out shirt options.

Pink linen button-down shirts give a stylish and summer-worthy look That no other man would pelt stones.

Pair it with your favorite shorts or chino pants, and you’re sure to stand out among the crowd this summer.

#6 NATO Watch Straps

classic watch with nato strap

Watches are one of the most worn but wrongly chosen items in a man’s wardrobe.

During the hot summer months, one of the biggest mistakes I see is that men are wearing the wrong style of watch straps.

Hot weather and casual environments don’t require that leather-dressed watch; they call A Simple, Lightweight Option Like a NATO strap.

Inspired and embellished by his military legacy, NATO watch bands offer the most utility out of any watch strap on the market.

nato watch straps Offered in a variety of colors and are so versatile they can be used on your original Timex watch, all the way to that Rolex Submariner.

While you might not be able to put one on one of your great casio watchesYou can still easily attach them to almost any watch in your collection.

The best rule of thumb here is that the simpler the watch, the better the NATO strap will look. These are not for your dress watches, but casual watches and divers are fair game.

#7 Searsucker Suit

mens seeker suit

There’s nothing worse than being invited to a classy outdoor event in the middle of summer and wearing your standard black, structured suit.

Most men will throw it because they have to, and they won’t think twice. I highly recommend getting a lightweight suit option for the warmer months to avoid all that aches and pains.

Specifically, a seersucker suit.

Seesarkar suits stand out for their iconic fabric presence and famous striping. They give a country-club level class and feel great while still looking stylish in the summer months.

usually made of cotton, The seersucker suit is a lightweight, breathable option Which is different from your traditional summer suit options.

Opt for unstructured jacket as you want this suit to be classy but still stylish. This suit will be sure to make you stand out among the other lightweight options you will be seeing this summer.

There you have it, gentlemen. These are some of the best men’s summer essentials that no one else has worn, so you can be sure to stand out this summer with a high level of style that no one else has.

If you are looking for more summer accessories, Check out this article I did on 10 essential accessories for men.

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