Madhuri Dixit’s mother Tragic Death At the age of 91 on 12 march 2023

Madhuri Dixit’s mother Snehlata Dixit Died at the age of 91 on Saturday morning ,According to reports, Snehlata Dixit’s funeral would take place at a cremation in Worli, mumbai further details related to her rites are awaited.


The toughest thing to deal with is losing your mother. When Madhuri Dixit lost her mother Snehalata Dixit on March 12 on a Sunday, she is also going through a trying time. At 91 years old, she passed away at her Bombay home. The reason for her demise has not yet been identified.

Snehalata Dixit’s funeral services will be held in the Worli crematorium today at about 3:00 p.m.

Family Response after death of Madhuri Dixit’s mother

Madhuri  Dixit with her sisters  and her mother
Madhuri Dixit with her sisters and her mother

In a statement released jointly to India Today, Madhuri Dixit and her husband Shriram Nene said, “Our loving Aai (mother), Snehalata, passed away peacefully this morning surrounded by her loved ones.”

Snehlata Dixit also worked in the Bollywood sector. She collaborated with Madhuri in 2013 to create a song for the movie “Gulaab Gang” . Madhuri posted some lovely images of her mother on social media along with a sweet statement for her mother’s birthday in 2022.

Mumbai is the city where Madhuri was born.She made her acting debut in 1984 with Abodh. She married Dr. Sriram Nene in 1999, and the couple had two boys. Last month, Shriram Nene wrote a heartfelt essay about his mother-in-law. He tweeted, “My mother-in-law, 90, paints. She suffers macular degeneration, which makes her vision poor. Yet, what she thinks about is great. She is the most kind-hearted and positive person I have ever encountered. We got her artwork printed on mugs to honour her talent.

Madhuri Dixit Speaks about her Aai (Mother)

Madhuri dixit , the youngest of 4 children, mentioned her mother in an interview she gave last year.

The actress said that her family never treated her any differently, even as she gained popularity. Madhuri asserted that due of her early life, she was untouched by fame.

Madhuri recounted in an interview that her mother Snehlata Dixit continued to treat her in the same way even after she became a successful singer. “You know, even while I was employed in the film industry, my mother would correct me if my room was messy or something like. So that is how I was raised. And I am exactly that way. Everything is back in the studio when I get home. It just seems like a different existence when I see my wife and kids. Never did I feel totally lost.

Birthday celebration of Snehalata Dixit last year

In June, Madhuri honoured the 90th birthday of her “Aai,” or mother, Snehlata, with a gallery of family photos and a touching Instagram post. In the first picture, Madhuri could be seen with her mother and Shriram Nene. There was also a lone portrait of the late Snehalata. Happy birthday, Aai!” the caption read. As the cliché goes, a mother is a daughter’s best friend. They could not be more accurate. Out of everything you have done for me, the lessons you have taught me are the best gift you have ever given me. Everything I hope for you is health and happiness!


After the death of Dixit’s mother family is going in sad phase of life where we can help her by praying for her good soul and for latest updates related to death of her mother death stay connected

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