How to Wear Dress Sneakers With a Suit (and Look Great While Doing It)

sneakers with suit to work

When styled correctly, a pair of sneakers with a suit Can be a great way to mix up an otherwise traditional outfit.

In the modern office – smart-casual is king, and a pair of plain white dressy sneakers can help you add a touch of comfort to your well-tailored suit. but be careful; There’s a fine line between wearing stylish casual and inappropriately dressed.

In today’s article, I will teach you to walk on that link with confidence. We will cover:

  1. When can you wear sneakers with a suit?
  2. Can anyone wear sneakers with a suit?
  3. What style of sneakers can you wear with a suit?
  4. How to style sneakers with a suit?

#1. When can you wear sneakers with a suit?

I come to terms with this – if there is a word ‘formal’ anywhere in a dress code, avoid sneakers at all costs.

That being said, if ‘casual’ is mentioned, the sneakers are fair game. Look for the following periods:

  1. smart casual
  2. business casual
  3. Careless
  4. slacken
  5. weekend-casual

The list goes on, but you get the point. If the dress code seems to favor the comfort of things, you can probably get away with it.

If no dress code is specified, use your best judgment. When attending a Christmas party at your office – sneakers are acceptable. Attending the funeral? Yeah, probably avoid sneakers in this instance.

#2. Can anyone wear sneakers with a suit?

Dress sneakers white - a suit with sneakers

the answer is yes – Anyone can wear sneakers with a suitProvided you follow the basic rules I’ve outlined in this article!

Are you a 56 year old African American man with a father? Maybe a 30-year-old white man with a matchstick? You might also be a woman who just wants to read the style of attractive men. It doesn’t matter – anyone can wear sneakers with a suit!

It is not about age, race or even gender. The determining factor in whether you can wear sneakers with a suit depends on the formality of an event, not the wearer.

#3. What style of sneakers can you wear with a suit?

shoes in different colors

The smarter the dress or occasion, Sneakers should be plain, simple and more fitted. When it comes to dress sneakers, less is always more. You wouldn’t look good in a well-tailored blazer and heavy basketball sneakers—that’s just a fact.

As a general guideline, select the following:

  • minimalist – with a monochrome or subtle two-tone upper and minimal branding
  • bottom top – Instead of ankle-high tops
  • sleek and fitted – With a silhouette similar to a dress shoe
  • leather or suede – Mesh and synthetic fabrics are not formal enough

Color should also be a consideration. While I usually opt for black or white sneakers, there’s nothing to stop you from mixing things up a bit (within reason!).

As with any style item, it needs to be approached carefully. Color balancing is a tricky business—get it wrong, and your outfit can appear mismatched and unbalanced. To save you the trouble, I’ve gone ahead and broken down some of the best color combinations for you:

infographic tennis shoes sneakers
  • White sneakers – Light brown, tan, or navy suit
  • black sneakers – black, charcoal, or light gray
  • Burgundy sneakers – Brown, light gray, charcoal, or navy suit
  • grey sneakers – Light brown, charcoal or navy suit
  • Navy sneakers – light brown or tan suit
  • brown sneakers – brown, light gray, or navy suit

#4. How to style sneakers with a suit?

man wearing sneakers with suit to work

For any type of sewing and sneakers, there are a few conventions to keep in mind.

Throwing on your fluorescent track sneakers and hoping they look good just isn’t going to cut it. With any style choice, You have to be intentional in your choice of fit, color and fabric.

Which fit works best with trainers?

Baggy dress pants and sneakers don’t work well together. Nor do super-skinny pants and sneakers.

The key to a balanced outfit is finding the right fit – so a . choose Slim-cut suit. The more neatly it is tailored, the better it will look with sneakers.

The goal is to style intentionally. The last thing you want is for people to think you forgot to wear your oxfords – so Wearing a well-tailored, slim fit option with your sneakers shows a deliberate style choice. Instead of a fashion accident.

Brake pants are too formal and conservative to pair with sneakers. is a better option crop suit trousers So the cuff should fall just above the tongue of the shoe. seeno break’ Look at the image below to get an idea of ​​how dress pants should fall on sneakers.

infographic men's trouser brake

Pro Tip: Wear your sneakers to the tailor so you can show him where you want to change trousers!

Should you wear a shirt and tie?

that depends.

If you’re dressing for work and wearing sneakers under the ‘dress-down Friday’ condition, then yes – wear a shirt. The idea of ​​wearing sneakers to the office is to add a touch of personality while maintaining a professional aesthetic.

you may be able lose tie – Assess your office environment and take an informed decision on it.

However, if you’re attending a more casual event that requires ‘smart-casual’, I’d recommend reducing the formality of your outfit. wearing a polo shirt Or a T-shirt in place of a button-down.

Remember, the key to a great outfit is balance. When wearing sneakers with a suit, Balancing formality with a T-shirt can be a great way to add harmony to your appearance., This shows that, although you can use a . can appreciate the cut of well tailored suitYou also understand the need for casual clothing when the occasion requires it.

Which suit style is best?

suit on hanger

Some would argue that you can wear any type of suit with sneakers. However, doing it and looking good is another matter.

Sure, any style has the potential to work well with sneakers, but that’s not to say that every man can pull it off.

Here at RMRS, I always talk about timeless style. Today is no exception—so I’m not going to suggest a high-fashion, multi-colored suit is a style choice you should make (no matter what your shoe choice!).

To keep things classy, ​​simple and timeless; Stick to one of the following:

  1. Single rhythm – Your suit, sneakers and shirt are all the same color. This works great for men who want to wear a suit with their sneakers while maintaining a sense of continuity throughout their outfit. With this style, your sneakers won’t stand out—they should match well with the rest of your outfit.
  2. samples – There’s no harm in including a pattern. A pin-strip or check suit is always an excellent choice for fine tailoring. However, to help bridge the gap between your suit and sneakers, choose a heavy fabric suit and a T-shirt that matches the color of your shoes.
  3. light colored Everything is not necessarily black and white. A light-colored suit (especially in the warmer months) can be a great way to diversify your officewear. A powder-blue suit, for example, pairs incredibly well with plain white sneakers and a white shirt. Once again, for consistency, make sure your shirt color matches your trainers wherever possible.
  4. dark and classic Conversely, a classic black or charcoal gray suit can look great with sneakers. The difference between casual sneakers and a formal suit is striking—but in a good way. Unlike the monotone look where everything blends as one, this look aims to draw attention to the contrast in your outfit. White sneakers against a black suit totally get it – it says, ‘Yes, I’ve worn sneakers with a suit. Looks great, doesn’t it?’

Dress sneakers aren’t the only way to take your formal outfit to the next level – Click here to discover my guide to taking your suit from ordinary to extraordinary.

Click below to watch the video – wear sneakers with a suit and look amazing!

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