Make Money While You SLEEP!

How to Make Money While You SLEEP?

How to Make Money While You SLEEP?

Why toil away from nine in the morning until five in the afternoon each day to make money when you can make money by doing nothing? And who wouldn’t be interested in making money while they slept? If you want to really make a lot of money, it’s easier if you can do it 24/7, right?

Passive income is the holy grail of making money. Most ways of earning a passive income require some initial effort, but soon you’ll be earning money while you sleep. While you’ll need to do some research of your own, I’m going to share some passive-income ideas to help get you started to make money while you’re sleeping. I’m Kim and if you’re ready, let’s get going.

Start a YouTube channel

The first passive idea to Make Money While You SLEEP is to start a YouTube channel. YouTube will give you the opportunity to earn money passively through your ARTICLEs, much like a webinar would. It’s possible that you could join the “unboxing” trend, make ARTICLEs about cooking, or even summarize movies. Making money on YouTube is a great idea regardless of the niche you decide to take.

This method does not start generating income on day, and getting it up and running requires a significant amount of preliminary effort. In addition, the amount of money people make can vary greatly from person to person.

But, if your content is of high quality, you will have the opportunity to make money through advertising revenue, sponsorships, and the creation of your own products (such as swag or online courses).

When you have a sufficient number of subscribers and people who regularly watch your ARTICLEs, you will be able to take the occasional break while they continue to make money in the background. Even though you may be sleeping, other people are watching your ARTICLEs and sending ad revenue your way.

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The second idea to Make Money While You SLEEP is dropshipping. With drop shipping, you also never physically touch the products. You don’t even have to design them. You just pick them out. Shopify is most people’s go-to platform for creating online stores that offer drop shipping.

With drop shipping, you have a site that offers certain manufacturers’ products and when someone orders something through your site, your system simply sends the order to the relevant manufacturer.

The items you want are in a warehouse, labeled, and shipped with your name, so you don’t incur overhead feels. You just put in an order (after people order from you), pay a fee, and then ship it where appropriate.

However, you should note that most dropshipping involves ordering goods from other countries, particularly China.

Since you never physically interact with the items, there may be quality control issues and you don’t know the conditions your items were made under. If you choose to dropship, make sure to find a reputable company.

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Buying or starting a small business

Buying or starting a small business is the third passive idea to Make Money While You SLEEP. When it comes to making money while sleeping, the majority of people look to the internet as their primary resource. It doesn’t matter what kind of small business you run, as long as you can delegate some of the work to other people.

Do you think the owner of ten McDonald’s franchises is working in one of the restaurants right now and flipping burgers? Probably not. Speaking of which, your own brick-and-mortar business might also be the answer.

If you have some money to invest in a start-up business, you should look into local franchises and conduct research into what aspects of business are thriving in neighboring cities but falling short in your own city. This is how you can find the gap in the market that will create an income stream for you that is passive.

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Invest in real estate

The fourth idea to Make Money While You SLEEP I want to share with you is to invest in real estate. While it is true that you need a pretty hefty investment to make money with real estate, having a couple of rental properties is an amazing way to make money while you sleep.

When you invest in real estate, you can make money as the value of the property increases, but you’ll only see that money once you sell the property. If you’d rather have the cash flow now, invest in real estate that will bring you rental income.

Some people consider Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) to be the mutual funds of real estate. REITs are a collection of properties operated by a company that uses money investors give them to buy and develop real estate.

You can choose to invest in trusts that build condos, apartment buildings, business complexes, or other facilities. REITs pay you dividends. These are fitting income-producing assets for people who want an easy way to get involved with real estate investing without having to purchase the property themselves.

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Make and sell an online course

And the last idea is to Make Money While You SLEEP makING and selling an online course. Do you have any particular areas of expertise? Do you have the knowledge to share? If so, consider creating and selling a course online.

After you have developed your course, you will be able to sell it multiple times to make a profit without having to perform any additional labour. Creating an online course requires quite a bit of initial work, such as writing ebooks or articles and creating ARTICLEs.

However, once these course materials are operational, your system will automatically provide subscribers with whatever it is that they require. You have the ability to teach others through the use of online platforms such as Udemy and Teachable.

Working around the clock isn’t feasible long-term, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be EARNING money 24/7. With a combination of passive income streams and making your current saved money work for you, you can see firsthand how to build significant wealth.

Hopefully, with the passive ideas I’ve shared in this ARTICLE, you can now start your journey of making money while sleeping.

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Make Money While You SLEEP!

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