How and Why to Wear a Signet Ring for Men (Quick and Easy Guide)

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What is a Signet Ring, Exactly? Google it, and you’ll find pages and pages of historical information, confusing terminology, and old traditions.

I understood; That stuff is important, but why isn’t there anywhere on the internet where you can learn the basics quickly?

As a beginner, you just need to know what a signet ring is and whether or not you should wear one – it’s that simple.

So I’ve gone ahead and made exactly that. In today’s article, you are my . will learn about Quick and Easy Guide to Sign Rings for Men,

We will cover:

  1. What is a Signet Ring?
  2. History of the Signet Ring (In less than 300 words!,
  3. Who should wear a signet ring?
  4. How do you wear a signet ring?

#1. What is a signet ring for men?

signet ring with blue stone

A signet ring for men is a unique looking ring that holds a special meaning for its wearer. Typically, these rings are characterized by a gold or silver bar topped with an emblem, In some cases, this symbol is carved in the same material as the band, while at other times, the ring is topped with a carved stone or resin.

To the modern man, a signet ring can indicate many different things. Often, a man wears a signet ring passed down through his family. Heirloom jewelry is a popular way for men to continue their legacy after death.

In other circumstances, a person may wear a signet ring to symbolize his membership in a club or group – for example, free masons have their own signet ring design. Membership Signature Rings usually symbolize a group engraved in a metal or precious gemstone.

In short, a signet ring is a symbol, ‘Signet’ actually comes from the word ‘sign’, so you can think of this ring style as a ‘sign ring’ indicating a commitment to a cause, belief, or tradition.

#2. The History of Signet Rings (In Less Than 300 Words!)

Signet Ring Wax Stamp

For centuries, signet rings have played an important role in the lives of professional men. A signet ring for men was a symbol of heritage and profession in the past.

Simply put, a signet ring was a way of signing documents, as we do with our signature when signing contracts.

Signet rings date back thousands of years. During the Late Minoan period (around 1000BC), signet rings were usually made of ivory and hard stone. Not exactly what we would recognize as a style accessory by today’s standards, but during the period, The ring itself is a symbol of status, culture and belonging. Instead of good taste in clothes.

Fast forward to the Middle Ages, and most high-status men had a signet ring. From kings to merchants, many men took advantage of signet rings to personalize the wax used to seal envelopes of high importance.

pinky ring

In today’s time, men still wear signet rings, However, it’s more than for sentimental reasons – after all, we don’t seal envelopes with wax anymore! Men who are part of well-known groups (such as Freemasons) often Wear a ring to symbolize their commitment to the traditions of that particular group,

Often, men receive a signature ring from their father or grandfather. It is a very common heirloom and usually has the monogram of those who passed it on – an enduring symbol of legacy and remembrance.

#3. Who should wear a signet ring?

Diamond Signet Ring

In short – anyone who wants!

I know signet rings are steeped in symbolic history and heritage, but you can buy them at your local jewelry store if you just love the look of them! It is not always necessary to be part of a secret society to wear a signet ring.

Some men wear signet rings with their team’s logo inscribed on them. Others have engraved their monograms with the intention of passing them on to their children and later grandchildren.

choice is yours. I’m certainly not going to say that you need to hold a specific set of beliefs or be part of a particular group in order to wear a signet ring. It’s all about personal preference and that makes you feel stylish and accomplished,

a word of warning: Do not wear a signet ring symbolizing a group or society you are not a part of. Doing so may annoy members of the group who may label you a fraud.

#4. How do you wear a signet ring?

Balance Rings Other Jewelery In Both Hands

Wearing a signet ring as a man is relatively simple because men usually don’t wear a lot of jewelry. Unlike women, most of our fingers are free of rings. Some people may have a wedding band that they need to put on their left ring finger, but other than that, people don’t wear too many individual rings.

A good rule of thumb is to wear your signet ring (or any other non-wedding ring, for that matter) on your right hand. If you are a married man, this will prevent you from overloading one hand with a bunch of rings. even if you’re not married, Wearing a ring on the left hand usually indicates marriage, so tread carefully,

Signet rings tend to be a little heavier than other styles, so I prefer to wear them in isolation. Placing other rings on top of the signet, or wearing rings on adjacent fingers, can overload your hands and make you a little ‘blingy’. In the case of men’s jewelry, less is always more.

Signet rings are just the beginning. Click here to find my guide to ring finger symbolism.

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