Formal and trendy men’s accessories (black tie for casual attire)

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Knowing how to dress for an occasion is an essential skill that every person should learn. Unfortunately, many people fall into the trap of dressing up to impress without matching their accessories to their outfit.

It’s a fact: If you’re wearing a field watch with a tuxedo, you’re not dressed well. plain and simple.

As always, it’s my job to keep you guys looking sharp. So in today’s article, I am telling some important things Men’s accessories for black tie, casual weekends and everything in between.

We will cover:

  1. black tie accessories
  2. Business-Formal Accessories
  3. Business-Casual Accessories
  4. casual accessories
  5. Bonus: Accessories for All Occasions

#1 Black Tie Accessories

Black tie events tend to be more formal than formal, so You’ll need to bring your A-game to accessorize your tux.

Bright colors, shiny metals, and stand-out patterns won’t cut it when an event calls for elegant and classic menswear. In case you didn’t know, the term ‘black tie’ was coined in late 19th century Britain to describe the most formal clothing a man could wear without a hat and tail.

Tuxedo Hire Man For Wedding - Trendy Men's Goods

You need to carefully consider the accessories you like when dealing with this level of formality. One wrong move, and you’ll ruin your formal style.

For black-tie events, you can’t go wrong with the following accessories:

  1. Black Leather Dress Watch: Put away your chronograph; It’s not good here. We call black-tie events a ‘dress watch’. In short, a watch with black leather strapA very minimal cover of silver or gold, and a plain white watch face.
  2. Silver or Gold Cufflinks: Black-tie usually demands French cuff shirts. As such, cufflinks are an essential part of a black-tie wardrobe. Choose plain silver or gold or gemstone cufflinks. Either one is fine – just don’t use those Superman cufflinks you got for Father’s Day!
  3. A Black Bow Tie: Literal definition of ‘black tie’. A black bow tie is an essential part of a man’s formal wardrobe – no other style should be worn with a dinner jacket or full tuxedo! Wear a plain black bowtie with a wing-collar dress shirt – it’s a timeless formal combo that will never go out of style.

#2 Business Formal Accessories

Man in black suit with watch - trendy men's accessories

With black tie on, let’s take things down a bit and look at trendy men’s accessories you can pull off at the office.

‘Business formal’ is a very self-explanatory term – it defines Workwear that is formal in appearance and professional in its message. People who work in big city offices will know exactly what I mean – think Don Draper or Harvey Spector.

Compared to black tie, business formal is far more forgiving when it comes to men’s accessories. While traditional business attire still limits your choice of fashionable men’s accessories, there are undoubtedly more options for things like watch styles and tie designs.

Neck Ties For Business Purposes - Fashionable Men's Accessories

For the most part, the previously mentioned black-tie accessories can also work for formal business. However, when wearing a black bowtie, it can come across as too ‘dressy’ for an office environment.

To achieve extreme business formal style, try these accessories:

  1. Dive / Chronograph Watch: Both styles of watch are acceptable in a traditional business environment. I encourage every man to buy a good looking dive watch and chronograph to wear to work. It shows good taste, style and can often be a sign of success (after all, Rolex doesn’t make cheap watches!).
  2. Patterned Necktie: When wearing a suit, it’s easy to look plain and fuzzy. In a business-formal setting, there’s no reason you can’t add some vibrancy to your outfit with a bright, patterned necktie. Whether it’s stripes, polka dots or paisleys, you can make a statement with a carefully styled statement tie.
  3. Patterned Pocket Squares: Similar to a patterned necktie, a patterned pocket square is all about making a statement. Some people match their pocket square to their tie; Some use it to contrast their tie. Either way, a patterned pocket square says, ‘Yeah, I’m a professional, but I’m also a man of great taste.’
  4. precious metal tie clip: Nothing says timeless style like a tie clip made from silver, gold or platinum. Just as women wear diamonds on their rings, ears, and necklaces, a man can splash on a little bling by buying a luxury tie pin. It adds the perfect ‘final touch’ to an outfit and will set you apart from the pack.

#3 Business Casual Accessories

casual men's pants

Business casual (or smart casual) is becoming more and more popular in today’s workplace. In many cities, wearing a formal suit and tie to work can make you look out of place in an office where slacks and sports jackets reign supreme.

Business casual is a godsend for those who want to wear various fashionable men’s accessories to work. This is arguably the most versatile formality level on this list, as you can take elements from both ends of the formality spectrum and still look well put together.

All the accessories mentioned above can be worn as part of a business casual outfit! That’s correct, even bow tie – Just be sure to choose a funky pattern and bright color to make it as a statement piece.

Blue Patterned Shirt On Man - Trendy Men's Accessories

Those looking to accessorize their business casual outfits should consider investing in the following items:

  1. NATO watch straps: The perfect way to dilute the formality of a chronograph/dive watch. If possible, replace the metal or leather strap of your professional watch with NATO fabric. This is a great way to add a little casual charm to an otherwise formal watch style. NATO straps come in all kinds of colors and they only cost a few dollars, so why not buy a different one for every day of the week?
  2. Patterned, Short Sleeve Shirt: A statement shirt can be the perfect addition to any man’s business casual wardrobe. In an office environment where ties aren’t the norm, making an impact with a short-sleeved patterned shirt is a great way to show off your personality while still suiting. Wear it with chinos and a blazer, or even a full suit and sneakers, for a more casual look to the office. choice is yours!
  3. white dress sneakers: The great thing about business casual is the ability to wear sneakers to work – talk about comfort! However, you cannot wear any sneakers with your workwear. Choose leather, minimalist dress sneakers for the office – preferably white without large logos or patterns.

#4 Casual Accessories

men's bracelet

Finally, we have your everyday items—the ones you’ll wear on the weekend or take your kids to the park. Nothing too expensive and no stand-out pieces; Casual accessories are all about being laid back and dressed up.

mens-watch-field-infographic - Fashionable Men's Accessories

The biggest advantage of a casual dress code is the lack of expectation from others. While that doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind and wear sweatpants, it does mean that Most casual clothing items and trendy men’s accessories are fair game.

  1. Field Watch: The field watch is a timeless accessory that has been worn by men for years. They are rugged in appearance and often feature a cloth/NATO strap. These watches are not about being flashy or classy; They are about the practicalities of everyday life. Originally used during WW1, field clocks are designed to tell time and avoid trenches – nothing more, nothing less.
  2. digital watch: Like field watches, digital watches are a great option for those who enjoy the outdoors but need a watch that will keep moving. Casio and G-Shock manufacture versatile and hard-wearing digital timepieces for the outgoing man. They don’t look great, but you can rest assured that they will withstand anything your kids throw at you… really!
  3. bracelet: In fact, you can only wear braces when wearing casual clothing. They do not suit the work environment and look out of place with suits. However, there’s no reason you can’t pull off a leather bracelet over the weekend! With bracelets, I always feel that less is more. A classy knitted leather bracelet looks like a belt around your waist.

Bonus #5: Accessories for Any Occasion

There are certain accessories a man simply cannot live without – regardless of formality and lifestyle.

Not all of these items are worn on the body, but they all play a vital role in preparing a man for his day and keeping his A1 style up to scratch. i like to call them unsung heroes of men’s style – They work behind the scenes to form a solid foundation for any man’s stylish wardrobe.

No man can be stylish without a boss:

  1. Quality Hair Products: Every hairstyle needs some sort of product to keep it looking neat and well-groomed. Men have been using products in their hair for hundreds of years, and in the 21st century, we have more options than ever before. Check out my guide to hair products to find out which one is best for you.
  2. a reliable shaving razor: Whether you opt for a multi-blade cartridge razor or the old reliable safety razor, everyone on the planet needs to invest in a quality razor to shave their face. To put together and style yourself, shaving every few days is essential to either maintaining a clean-shaven look or a well-groomed beard.
  3. natural skin care products: To maintain a fair and breakout-free complexion, one must build a consistent skin care routine of natural skin care products. Why Natural? Simple – it’s all about avoiding harmful chemicals and fragrance agents. To look younger for longer, find a quality skincare brand that suits your skin needs, and stick to it! When it comes to skin care – consistency is key!

So you’ve started to understand the difference between formal and informal fashionable men’s accessories – but there’s always more to learn. Click here to find my list of men’s formal and casual Leather Shoes.

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