THE News Reporter Dylan Lyons and 24 others killed during the shooting .In this article we will discuss about the incident Happened during the Orlando shooting .The revealed the names of the two TV reporters who were shot on Wednesday while reporting a homicide case in Orange County. One of the bloodiest mass shootings in recent US history took place during the Orlando nightclub shooting on June 12, 2016. 49 people lost their lives and 53 others sustained injuries in the shooting that happened at the Pulse nightclub. Both the LGBTQ+ community and the country as a whole have been affected by the incident for a long time.

About the Dylan Lyons and incident

News of the related incident BY YOUTUBE

Dylan Lyons and a 9-year-old daughter were two of the four people shot on Wednesday who died. Florida-born security guard Omar Mateen, 29, committed the nightclub shooting in Orlando. Armed with a semi-automatic rifle and a handgun, Mateen entered the Pulse nightclub and started firing randomly into the crowd. After a protracted struggle with law enforcement personnel that lasted many hours, Mateen holed himself inside one of the club’s restrooms.

The fact that many of the victims were LGBTQ+ people was one of the shooting’s most terrible features. Dylan Lyons Was also killed In the Orlando neighborhood, the Pulse nightclub was a well-liked destination for LGBTQ+ people, and many of those killed or hurt there were clubgoers.

As word of the shooting spread, there was a global outpouring of sympathy and support. People from all walks of life attended vigils in significant US cities to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community. The shooting, however, also sparked outrage and discussion about subjects like gun control and LGBTQ+ rights.

The Support of the peoples

U.S. Senator Rick Scott wrote on Twitter: “This is simply disgusting. My team and I am keeping a close eye on the situation and praying for these Floridians and their families Moses has more than a dozen arrests documented in his criminal history report from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement And mentioned the death of Dylan Lyons, dating back to his juvenile arrest in January 2018 for alleged motor vehicle theft and domestic battery. He was given a year of monitoring after entering a plea of not guilty.

Investigators started trying to figure out what had happened and why following the shooting. Later information surfaced showing that Mateen had sworn allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and that the FBI had previously looked into him for potential ties to terrorism. The shooting also brought up the need for better mental health support and care.

The effect After The incident

The shooting at the Orlando nightclub will always be remembered as a sad incident that claimed the lives of numerous innocent bystanders OF The city many of the people were in fear and survived this fearful incident as there bad dream.

The tragedy brought to light both the ongoing problems the LGBTQ+ community faces and the pressing need for effective gun violence prevention in the United States. Even while the path ahead may be challenging, people who continue to struggle for justice and equality will ensure that the memory of those who died in the shooting endures.

According to records, more arrests resulted in accusations of hindering law enforcement, resisting arrest, burglary, failing to appear in court, grand larceny, and recurrent probation violations. Many of the arrests occurred when Moses was a juvenile, and Wednesday night there were no arrest reports accessible.

The people Said to Support, love, and solidarity messages have flooded the social media networks. Particularly the LGBT community has been severely impacted, and many have expressed their worries and fears for their safety. Several places throughout the world have hosted vigils and memorials to remember the victims and condemn hate and violence. Many people have been motivated to take action against racism and hate in all of its manifestations as a result of the shooting.


WHAT IS LGBTQ+ community ?


The LGBTQ+ community is made up of a wide range of people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and other sexual orientations. This community has endured extensive social and political marginalisation for millennia. The acceptance and celebration of LGBTQ+ people and their rights, however, have grown in recent years

The neighborhood has made progress in promoting equal rights, marriage equality, and healthcare accessibility. Notwithstanding these developments, there are still numerous issues that the LGBTQ+ community must deal with, including as discrimination, assault, and a lack of adequate legal protection. It is crucial to acknowledge and assist the LGBTQ+ community, fighting for their rights and promoting an accepting culture that values variety.

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