Dress better as a man and develop a signature style

infographic male body types

From Steve McQueen to David Beckham, every male icon has his own signature style.

But these people are celebrities – why would average Joes like us need to develop our own ‘look’?

Simple: It shows that you are a person with direction and purpose. Drop the ball at it and you can look disorganized and lacking in confidence! Don’t be that guy!

If you haven’t already, you need to start Develop your signature style to learn how to dress better as a man,

As always, I’ve got you covered. In today’s article, you will learn:

  1. dressing for your body type
  2. dressing for your lifestyle
  3. how to dress for your environment
  4. Finding a Style Icon
  5. Does color affect style?
  6. wear clothes that suit you
  7. how to shop effectively

#1 Dressing for your body type

Knowing your body type and using clothing to highlight your best features is learned over time. Some styles look better on your body shape than others, so don’t convince yourself that you should be able to wear everything.

Find out which pieces look best on your body. You . can read about Here’s How to Dress for Your Body Type,

Here are some examples you should consider when shopping for clothing that suits your body type:

  • If you have heavy calves Choose pleated trousers with a sharp taper.
  • if you’re a little man – Have your jackets fit closely with the hem ending at your hips.
  • For boys with broad shoulders Wear a deconstructed jacket without padding.
  • if you are tall and thin Wear a double breasted jacket to add bulk to your frame.

#2 Dressing for your lifestyle

infographic dressing for work on labor

You work rough, look rugged, and enjoy cars with rugged clothing and big dirt-covered wheels.

A suit and tie is (for the most part) irrelevant to you. If you live a cowboy lifestyle, then wearing jeans and boots is more suitable for you.

Keep your work in mind when considering how to better dress as a man. No matter how much you want to have fun with your style, remember your career.

A high school teacher in a large Midwestern city needs to look professional, but wearing a suit is going too far. Considering the requirements of his job, he can wear a sports jacket with jeans and a check shirt. A tie will make him look too full.

infographic dressing for work business attire

On the other hand, a banker in a big city has a job that requires a suit and tie every day. Regardless of the conservative mood in a bank, you can display a unique sense of style through flashes of color in subtle patterns in your ties, pocket squares, socks and suits of your choice.

#3 How to dress for your environment

cold weather dressing for men

Weather plays an important role In developing your signature style.

Let’s say you live in the North-West, and rain is an everyday concern for you. Chances are you’ll need more than a crew neck t-shirt.

One of my favorite classic movies, le samurai, the main character is an impeccably dressed hitman chasing the rainy streets of Paris. Helmed by Alain Delon, there are two elements that make the character look stylish throughout the film: fully fitting trench coat And a quality cap, A great example of looking incredibly stylish in spite of the wet weather.

Cotton clothes are suitable for hot weather. Cold climates require heavy wool. When considering how to dress better as a man, Choose your clothes based on climatic conditions You are the most exposed.

#4 Finding a style icon


Get inspired by the style. Is there an actor, a public figure or a model that inspires you? Choose style cues from the way they dress and try to find common denominators in theirs and your life.

Are they of the same build as you? Then follow the cut of their clothing. Are they political minded? Embrace the colors they wear.

Don’t go overboard and blindly start copying someone else. find elements of style that inspire you And add them to your outfit.

man and friend

Experiment with pieces that inspire you and meIdentify what is working.

If you find a great look that makes you feel great, write it down or take a picture of it.

What are the go-to items in your wardrobe? It can be a pair of oxblood double monks or your favorite white sneakers paired with dark denim trousers and a button-down shirt.

Imagine you had a rack full of these go-to pieces—what makes them so special? Find out what your favorite clothing item is your favorite and shop with that in mind.

#5 Does complexion affect style?

Infographic - Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale

The essence of personal style is in choosing colors that compliment your complexion.

  • warm color: If you tan easily and have soft brown or dark blonde hair, go for shades like brown, tan, red and green.
  • Cool Complexion: If you have black or brown/white hair, dark eyes, and an olive or pale complexion, blue undertones will look good on you.

find clothing and accessories that compliments your taste While enhancing his build to better dress as a man. Once you find your go-to color and fit, add these elements to your wardrobe.

#6 Wear clothes that suit you


For the signature style you need know who you are so that you can express your values through your clothes.

Cultivate a Signature Style That Feels Real for who you are.

You can have a working class or military background and call Alaska home. Your signature style should include aspects of your past. Use social cues in the way you dress to represent what is important to your life.

An antique pocket watch to remind you of your late grandfather. A coat of arms sewn over a blazer to commemorate a family’s allegiance. Working boots to remind you of your Texas roots. Whatever your choice, remember that Personal style can sometimes break accepted style norms.

Let your clothes be a reflection of your age.

Don’t try to dress like a 13 year old at a 32 year old. There is some expectation that a person over the age of 30 should wear mature clothing. If not a full suit, a sports coat or a blazer should be a part of your look.

Alternatively, if you’re in your early 20s and aren’t working in a job where a suit is required, choose a more casual outfit. Jeans and a nice button-down shirt will do you just fine.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Your First Suit

Before you open your wallet and head off on your next shopping trip, consider the clothing items on your go-to list at home.

Take a mental note of your wardrobe likes, dislikes and what you need before buying. This simple act prevents buyer’s remorse.

When you need to shop for clothes or accessories, ask yourself the following questions:

  • does this item reflect mine values ​​and personality,
  • is it suitable for atmosphere I am in touch with daily?
  • Is this to inspire Me?
  • Is this my. will work with lifestyle,
  • Where and how often will I wear it?
  • does it coordinate I have at least 3-4 other pieces in my wardrobe?
  • Can it be worn year round?

Make your purchase if the item is reasonably priced after considering these questions.

Creating a signature look is an essential step in your sartorial journey.

Even if you have no intention of becoming a style icon, it helps to refine your unique style and create a more functional wardrobe. Don’t worry if you’re not 100% or 50% sure what your style should look like.

Simply being aware of your go-to pieces and starting the process of developing the one that suits you best will go a long way in taking your style forward.

Your style isn’t just about the clothes you wear! Click here to discover 7 Men’s Hairstyles Women Love!

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