Discarded plastic becomes a new watch

While “serious” collectors may scoff at plastic watches, they are often fun—and affordable– Timepiece to wear on the wrist. And as the new Timex Waterbury Ocean demonstrates, they can be eco-friendly, too. This new watch has a case made from recycled plastic collected from the ocean. With its unique speckled color scheme and reliable quartz movement, this is a great pick for a budget-friendly, daily-wear watch with a little extra capacity.

To manufacture the watch, Timex partnered with #tide, an award-winning Swiss organization that pioneered a system to collect and reuse waste plastic. Basically, #tide collects this waste and recycles it into raw materials that other brands can use to create new products. This circular system means brands can use less virgin plastic (and the fossil fuels needed to make it), while also helping to reduce monstrous amount of plastic waste Which ends in the world’s oceans. To make the circular system work, #tide employs fishermen around the world to collect discarded plastics. Those items are sorted, cleaned, sliced, then shipped to Switzerland for processing into raw plastics for use by other companies—in this case, Timex.

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Timex Waterbury Ocean uses the #tide material for its resin case and bracelet, and the watch’s unique speckled color pattern is indicative of its circular history. The watch is available in two sizes—42mm and 37mm—and in several colors including grey, blue, pink and navy. We’re partial to the striking navy blue colorway; It really shows off the subtle pattern of the plastic resin and looks great with the simple silver index and hands of the dial.

The Timex Waterbury Ocean is water resistant to 30 meters, so splashes and rain won’t be a problem (though you should take it off before swimming), and it’s powered by a dependable analog quartz movement for reliable timekeeping. And at less than $100, it’s not only good for the ocean—it’s also good for your wallet.

[$99; timex.com]

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