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Welcome To this post , In this article we will discuss about the events and results of WWE Raw of 27feb 2023. So checkout the full article from below

WrestleMania 39, which takes place on April 1-2, is still more than a month away, giving WWE five weeks to prepare the card and progress every ongoing storyline. Brock Lesnar answered Omos’ challenge on this week’s show, and The Miz hosted a special Hollywood episode of Miz TV in Wwe raw last night . Furthermore, we witnessed Damage CTRL defend the women’s tag team titles against Becky Lynch and Lita, while Asuka and Candice LeRae squared off against Carmella and Piper Niven, respectively IN The WWE raw ring .

Let’s review everything that occurred on Monday’s Raw show

List of Events of WWE Raw 27feb

  1. Street Profits v/s Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa
  2. Omos challenges to brock Lesnar
  3. Cody Rhodes v/s Chad Gable
  4. Asuka v/s Carmella
  5. Piper Niven v/s Candice LeRae
  6. Elias v/s Miz TV and Bobby Lashley
  7. Johnny Gargano v/s Otis

Street Profits v/s Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa

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After we got a long recap video showing us what happened last week, Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa went into the ring for a game by tag against team .Jimmy offered an ad that purported to show how great The Bloodline is. He downplayed the conflict as ordinary family issues and declared that Roman Reigns will continue to be in charge of the programme.

The Bloodline was definitely in control of the pace more often than not, even while the game was undoubtedly contested and offered both sides opportunities to shine.

After the mid-game commercial break, the Profits were able to launch a little bit more attack, but Sikoa’s Samoan Spike to Dawkins gave his team the victory anyway In the Wwe raw .

Winner of the match :- Jimmy Uso and solo Sikoa

Omos challenges to brock Lesnar On Wwe Raw


MVP had the VIP lounge set up in the ring with all of its furnishings, but when Brock Lesnar’s music began to play, he entered the arena ahead of MVP.

The Beast was eventually convinced into participating in the prospective encounter between Lesnar and Omos at WrestleMania after they exchanged some words about it. He even seems happy about it.

Although tickets for an Omos vs. Lesnar match would not be in high demand, the promotion of the match was successful. The only way this was ever going to work was for MVP to handle everything as Omos is still not very skilled with a microphone.

Cody Rhodes v/s Chad Gable

Cody Rhodes and Chad Gable of Alpha Academy squared off in the second encounter of the evening. Otis was in Gable’s corner as usual.

Gable grew intent on inflicting harm to the knee once Rhodes started to market an injury to that joint. In order to tip the scales back in his favour, The American Nightmare evaded a flying headbutt.

Rhodes won as was expected, although the race’s course was a lot of fun to travel. In a promo, The American Nightmare mentioned going to SmackDown to finally battle Roman Reigns in person. On WWE RAW episode or main event.

Winner of the match :- CODY RHODES

Asuka v/s Carmella


First up was a match between one of the other women in the Elimination Chamber, Carmella, and Asuka.in wwe raw

Carmella put up a good battle, not backing down from Asuka, and at times even took the initiative.

Although the bout itself wasn’t very noteworthy, it accomplished its intended goal of giving Asuka a victory as she waits for her title opportunity at WrestleMania. Carmella was a wise choice because she is skilled at winning people over.

After claiming victory, Asuka named Bianca Belair. The EST arrived, but to stop the segment, Carmella shoved Asuka into her.

Winner of the match :- ASUKA

Piper Niven v/s Candice LeRae


Candice LeRae was accompanied by Nikki Cross to the ring for her bout against Piper Niven, but it initially appeared as though LeRae was unaware of her presence.

Niven was able to dominate LeRae right away because of her significant size and power advantage. Before pushing The Poison Pixie into a corner, she nearly made her faint from a submission.

At one point, Cross was seized by Niven and sent into the barricade, but as soon as she returned to the ring, LeRae rolled her up to win.in the Wwe raw

LeRae skipped checking on Cross’ wellbeing in favour of going directly to the back. As it happened so quickly, neither woman had a chance to stand out.

Winner of the match :– Candice LeRae

Elias v/s Miz TV and Bobby Lashley


After destroying Elias last week, Bobby Lashley was ruled ineligible for a rematch. We saw some clips of Bray Wyatt making fun of Lashley prior to the match.

As soon as the bell rung, Elias charged The All Mighty, but after his initial assault, Lashley picked him up for a body slam to seize control.

Elias started to make a comeback at ringside while Rick Boogs was seen taking notes backstage. That was a fleeting comeback, though. In order to win the submission, The All Mighty was able to grab him in the Hurt Lock. It happened quickly, but they were enthusiastic. It made Lashley look like a monster, so it was effective in the WWE raw.

Winner of the match :– Bobby Lashley

Johnny Gargano v/s Otis

After speaking with Maxine Dupri and Maximum Male Models, Otis called for a match, and Johnny Gargano took the call.

Dupri sat ringside to observe as Otis quickly established dominance by overwhelming his significantly smaller opponent. Before Johnny Wrestling could put together any offence, it took him a few minutes.

Dexter Lumis materialised from the throng and seized Mace in a chokehold as they attempted to intervene along with Mansoor. When Gargano got up, he hit a massive DDT on the apron.

In a brief contest that ultimately ended in a victory for Gargano. Although it had several moments, they might have accomplished much more with a few extra minutes.IN The WWE raw ring

Winner of the match :– Johnny Gargano


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