Casual Summer Shirts Every Man Must Have (Shirts for Hot Weather)

linen shirt with stripes

Summer is fast approaching which means three things – barbecue, scorching sun, and an uneasy amount of sweat. So what should a stylish man do? Sacrifice your style to satisfy your sweat glands?

There is an easy solution. enter the stylish summer shirts for men – The surefire remedy for sins soaked in sweat.

Today we are talking about top seven men’s summer shirts that will make you look amazing. We will cover:

  1. Linen Shirts
  2. Broadcloth and Poplin Shirts
  3. bold pattern shirts
  4. short sleeve shirt
  5. Lightweight Chambre Shirts
  6. Classic Polo Shirts
  7. Band Collar Shirts

#1 Linen Shirts

Linen has a long history. The people of ancient Mesopotamia used it to denote men of status. It was also used as currency in ancient Egypt because of its perceived value.

but what is it?

Linen is a lightweight and breathable fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant. Flax is usually cut by hand to collect the longest fibers possible.

Like the ancients, modern men love it for its usefulness in hot weather.

Choose a simple design without any modifications, such as epaulets or pockets.

The reasons for this are practical; Linen is notoriously prone to wrinkles. Light weaves can fold if you stare so intensely.

Pro Tip: The darker the color – the less wrinkles will be visible. Plus, a simple shirt will be easier to iron and maintain.

Still, men’s summer shirts made from linen are a timeless and stylish way to freshen up in the sun.

#2 Broadcloth and Poplin Shirts for Summer

First things first – what are broadcloth and poplin shirts?

Trick question – they’re similar (but we’ll call it broadcloth).

this is a Cotton fabric with weaves ranging from 50 singles to 140 (or more) doubles.

Broadcloth is one of most versatile shirt fabricAs it appears on both formal and casual men’s wear.

Overview of Checked Patterns:

Now let’s talk about the pattern. Summer is a great time to experiment with checked patterns.

  • umbrella A great way to start – it’s famous for casual shirts. The pattern consists of tightly-crossing lines of different colors.
  • Madras Is a little wild and ultra-casual with an infinite number of combinations of colors.
  • tartan Originates from Scotland in the 1700s and resembles the iconic kilt. Although it is commonly made for wool and flannel, it is also commonly found on cotton.
  • tattersall There is a tamer pattern of vertical and horizontal lines, usually in two colors on a light background.

What about colours? Stick with white on the background, but experiment with pastel colors on the stripes.

Yellows and blues are also safe summer-themed colors to wear with men’s shirts this summer.

#3 Bold Patterned Shirts

patterned floral shirt

The summer months are the time to be aggressive When choosing a shirt pattern, Try these to stand out from the crowd:

  • paisley Originally a Zoroastrian motif from the Perso-Sasanian Empire. Nowadays, it is common on ties and pocket squares. Who says it can’t even be on a shirt?
  • flowers The pattern was first invented by the Chinese, who printed peony flowers on clothing. These patterns are quite common in ultra-casual menswear.

Balance bold patterns with subtle color contrasts, such as two different shades of gray or blue.

Pairing Paisley or Flowers with Solid Dark Trousers Will give a slim and monochromatic look.

#4 Short Sleeved Button-Down

Checked Short Sleeved Shirt

Short-sleeved shirts are generally great for casual wear, but they’re incredibly effective as a summer shirt.

Here are some guidelines to look your best:

  • Don’t put it in. It is meant to be accidental.
  • don’t wear a necktie with itOr you’ll look like you work in a room.
  • wear with solid color pants If you are going for Pattern.
  • roll up sleeves a twist or two to reveal your upper arm muscles

Short-sleeved summer shirts are ideal in broadcloth or linen and are suitable for more muscular men. However, those with a slimmer build can do the same if you focus on fit.

The shoulder seam should not extend beyond the bone at the end of your shoulder. where the hand begins.

As far as width is concerned, you can’t pinch more than half an inch of fabric.

The length should fall roughly between your shoulder and elbow.

#5 Lightweight Chambre Shirts

chambray shirt

Like broadcloth, Chambre is perfect for summer. It is a linen-finished fabric with a white weft and colored warp, which creates a faint streak in appearance.

The history of Chambre dates back to the French city of Cambrai in the mid-1500s.

Original “Cambrick” a . was A linen cloth used for everything from handkerchiefs to shirts. It came to be known as Chambre by the British in the 19th century.

Chambres are often confused men’s denim shirtBut the former uses a plain weave and is quite light and breathable.

Like denim, however, it traditionally comes in various shades of blue. This is a solid choice for men’s summer shirts.

#6 Classic Polo Shirt

classic white polo shirt

You’ll have a hard time finding a person who isn’t familiar Polo shirt,

This elaborate garment goes back to the British Raj of the 19th century, when army officers began to use it as a sporting uniform, from which it got its name.

A polo is a collared shirt with only two or three buttons (though more common on golf-style shirts). They come in short and long sleeve variants, and the short sleeves are ideal for men’s summer shirts.

100% cotton is predominant, but they are usually sold with synthetic fibers.

What about length? should not go over the bottom Your fly and back pocket should be halfway below and no higher than your belt.

The short arms should be running about half to two-thirds of your biceps.

It’s meant to be untucked, but you can always tuck it in with chinos for a slightly dressier look.

#7 Band Collar Shirts

band collar shirt

When it comes to easy men’s summer shirts, No one encapsulates the classy beach gentleman quite like a band collar.

This shirt surrounds the neck with a standing collar that does not turn into a collar “cape”. It usually extends no more than two inches so as not to penetrate the wearer’s neck.

Combine band collar style with linen fabric for the ultimate summer shirt. Wear with a pair of chino shorts and boat shoes for a classic and timeless hot weather look.

For more tips on wearing a dress shirt—regardless of the season— Check out my article on ten ways to look great in a dress shirt.

questions to ask

Why wear a summer shirt?

Summer shirts are a great way to prevent unsightly sweat—they’re generally cooler and more breathable than their winter counterparts.

Which material is best for summer?

that depends. Linen is probably the best and most breathable option when it comes to men’s summer shirts. However, in a formal/office environment a cotton short sleeve button-down would be a better bet.

Can you wear a summer shirt all year round?

Absolutely. You can always layer a summer shirt with a jacket or coat to get different looks throughout the year. Be careful, though – you don’t want to catch a cold! Make sure you’re staying warm and not sacrificing comfort for style.

Watch the video below: How to Dress in Hot Weather (Like an Italian)

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