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If there’s one reason why you should opt for a wool blue suit for summer, look no further than Italian guru Niccol Cesari. With massive following on Instagram nicolosserie Of the 45ooo followers, Niccol’s passion for fashion was evident when MainStyleFashion met him in Arezzo, Tuscany. Why is wool cool in summer? Wool is a natural fiber and wool is the perfect fabric to wear for summers. One must understand that wool can be woven very thin to give a very cool and comfortable outfit when out and about in the Tuscan sun.

Take a close look at why Nikko chose to wear a light blue wool suit this summer at 30 degrees. We noticed that he did not even sweat. He was very confident and comfortable as he strolled through the historic town of Arezzo in Tuscany. Arezzo orders the men to embrace their individual style. With luxury bars and boutiques in hand, a man can never overstate Arezzo. Inside Niccol’s blue suit are his initials sewn into the suit. It’s a nice niche touch when he takes it off at the bar. No other man can make the mistake of taking his jacket.

Arezzo Tuscany Italy

Arezzo Town Center

Don’t be afraid to enter a bespoke suit store here in Italy. They will guide you every step of the way. Taking home a suit souvenir is a gorgeous timeless gift for any occasion upon return to your country of origin. Suits like these are timeless items that can be worn anytime wedding,


Here at MainStyle Fashion we took a closer look at Nikko’s personal sense of style in detail.

wooden bracelets for men

It is very important for any man to mix and match bracelets during summers. Elastic bracelets are comfortable during summers and are easy to take on and off whenever needed. The bright Tuscan sun always requires a perfectly styled pair of sunglasses to dim that gorgeous sun in Arezzo. Nikko also invests in male grooming products as well as manicures and pedicures. Attention is paid to detail on this stunning look.

Blue Suits - Summer Men Style Tips StyleFashion Tuscany (2) Eyewear

This Italian stallion is confident in his eyewear style and a fierce beard. When you’re up against a classic Italian car. A man can never overtake his vehicle.

Classic cars are so stylish to visit here in Tuscany. That’s why it’s just as important to try to play the role as James Dean did in many of the movies. Tuscany is a lifestyle and so is it even if you are a tourist to Italy. Make sure you invest in a bespoke Italian suit this summer. Rent a classic car and experience La Dolce Vita.

Angerhi Tuscany Italy

Anghiari Arezzo Tuscany

Under the windows of the car in the province of Arezzo there are magnificent villages.

Anghiari Arezzo Tuscany

Anghiari Arezzo Tuscany

classic white shirt

A classic white shirt is essential for feeling and looking refreshed in summer. Take the time to iron it and choose a cotton shirt. In summer, wool and cotton breathe easily in the scorching heat. The key is layering. Friends, wash your shirt after using it for a day.

Did you know that wool doesn’t smell in summer?

Blue Suit - Summer Men Style Tips StyleFashion Tuscany (2)

Choose a tight-fitting suit for summer. Try because it’s the year of the return of Italian weddings.

Sockless Leather Loafers

Italians commandeer leather without sock loafers throughout the spring and summer. Why wear them As you can see they look amazing. But leather is also another breathable material and your feet won’t stink during the day. Invest in low cut socks to avoid foot odor. But many Italians choose not to wear them. At the end of driving for the day. Let your loafers air outside so the leather dries to avoid smelly feet.

sock tramp

When it comes to color options we recommend a brown and a deep blue like the Nikko. These colors are very versatile for many suit styles. While in Italy buy a good pair of leather italian shoes. Like a classic car, they are well worth the investment.

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