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The city of skyscrapers and the tallest building in the world, Dubai captivates the minds of experienced travelers with attractive tourist attractions, yachts and superb services. It is a stunning combination of ancient Arabic cultural values ​​and brand new design and features.

The variety of activities in this city can satisfy the busiest tourists in the world. you can rent a yacht in dubai, Head to the shopping malls, buy exquisite relics of the past, enjoy scuba diving, book a cruise trip for all your friends, and much more. The places, architectural monuments, parks, deserts and coasts of Dubai will surely leave a mark in your heart. Once visited, the city captures your soul. Plus, the sophisticated service and a variety of activities and sites to see make an unforgettable impression so you will definitely want to come back and see all its wondrous beauties.

The highly recommended time to visit Dubai is autumn and early spring. The average temperature at this time is very mild and comfortable, although sunscreen will not be excessive. You will be glad to see such warm, sunny weather strolling outside and around the city. Conversely, summers in Dubai tend to be very humid and extremely hot, in addition to increasing hotel fees. As a result, you will probably move from building to building, escape the scorching heat and hold your breath under the nearest air-conditioner.

Karma Market

Even for experienced travellers, Dubai can offer a variety of leisure activities. For example, Karama Market is a must-see offering affordable clothing, souvenirs and accessories. A little word of advice, if you’re not used to bargaining, don’t go there. For tips, it is considered a good way to leave a 10-15 percent tip in cafes and restaurants and give some money to porters and cleaners. It is customary to leave some tips even in taxis.

Dubai Boat Rental

Needless to say, for those interested in sophisticated, extravagant leisure, booking a motor yacht can be a perfect option. There are many places where you can rent and sail the best ship along the waters of Dubai. A variety of options are available, for example, fishing tours, business tours, dining, entertainment, etc.

At CharterClick, you can book different types of motor yachts, speedboats and fishing boats. It is the perfect way to refresh your holidays. Those who have ever been to Dubai or maybe even permanently there can tell you that the city and even the entire country is famous for exceptionally comfortable yachts. Nowadays, you can book most ships online with just one click. No hassle guaranteed.

You are able to book all types of yachts and speedboats. Prices are different, fluctuating from USD 80 to USD 1400 per hour. Talking about the booking process itself, it is quite straightforward and convenient. You surf the net in search of a useful website, then you need to choose a better boat and think about your travel timetable, and the last step is paying. You can use your credit card, and voila, everything is done, and you are ready to go! An important rule to remember, bookings should be made at least 12 hours in advance. This will guarantee the best service. There are over 50 boats available on the website. The possibilities for choosing your best boat are enormous.

Most importantly, the website has transformed the process of renting a yacht into one of the simplest ever. Please include how many passengers will be boarding the form, and don’t forget the travel time limit. Upon your request, the team will provide you with options for your boats according to their size and design. Of course, there is also insurance, and all boats are equipped with a professional captain so that you can enjoy the sailing experience to the fullest. Apart from this, versatile facilities are available along with excellent services and professional staff. There are private boats with all the necessary equipment for those who enjoy privacy. Pick-up and drop-off locations are everywhere so you can choose the one closest to you. Overall, the company strives to present the beauty of Dubai Yacht Service at its best.

Burj Khalifa

Apart from this, there are many places to visit in Dubai in terms of your holidays. First, don’t forget to visit the Burj Khalifa, a needle-thin, impressively tall and imposing architectural marvel. This 825 meter high building is the tallest building in the whole world. Usually, you don’t need to climb to that height to witness the mesmerizing view, but still, you can go to the At the Top Observation Deck to see the city from the sky.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab

In December 2021, another popular architectural landmark named Burj Al Arab celebrated its 22nd birthday. Still, that hasn’t changed, and many consider it one of the most beautiful and beloved sites out there. Not long ago, it was a secluded place, and when tourists wanted to take a casual visit, some probably got disappointed as they weren’t allowed inside. It has recently launched the Inside Burj Al Arab attraction, where tourists can enjoy tours through the atrium and many more.


dubai desert

Dubai designed Sonara for the lonely and romantic souls. In this famous desert, you can enjoy intimate hours surrounded by dunes and warm sand. Delicious smelling food cooked on fire and refreshing cocktails are waiting for you. If you want to experience new thrilling sensations, sandboarding your desk is something you might find interesting. There are other entertainment options such as fire shows and balancing acts. But perhaps, the sweetest time would be to watch the moon rise over the dunes.

All things considered, Dubai is the perfect place to spend your best vacation ever. From the available leisure activities, you can choose to book a yacht at CharterClick ( You will experience the simplest and most comfortable booking process, a variety of yachts and professional service. Apart from this, you can enjoy the architectural masterpieces of Dubai, moonrise in the desert, pleasant weather and breathtaking sights. Get an unforgettable experience at an affordable price!

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