Best foot exercises to reduce pain and strengthen feet

4. Toe Pickup

Place several small objects on the ground such as marbles, game pieces, superballs or golf balls. Using only your toes, pick them up one by one and drop them into a bowl or box. It improves mobility and strength of the foot.

5. Trigger Point Release

From a sitting or standing position with one foot on a small-ish ball (think golf or lacrosse ball), roll the ball back and forth along the arch of your foot. Stop at any sore or tight spots and focus on that area. Repeat on the other leg. This can be done several times a day, perhaps while watching TV or at your desk. If the lacrosse ball is too hard, try Rad’s Point Release Kit.

6. Big Toe Stretch

The big toe gets tucked into tight shoes. If not addressed it can affect mobility and flexibility. While sitting in a chair, rest your right foot on your left thigh. Using your right hand, stretch your big toe up, down, and to both sides, holding for five seconds at each point. Repeat 10 times and change legs.

7. Foam Rolling

This poor man’s massager uses deep compression to relieve muscle spasms. Compression relaxes nerves, gets blood flowing, and helps the body recover from the stresses of the day, including your training regimen. Slide your sore throat over the roller and hold it on soft points for 30 seconds to ease the pain.

8. Toe Wall Walks

Lie on your back with knees bent and hips bent to 90 degrees, feet flat against a wall, and arms by your sides. Keeping contact with the wall, bring your feet up the wall by flexing your toes and pulling your feet up. At the end of your range of motion, drive your feet down the wall by intertwining your toes and pressing your feet down. Repeat for sets of 10.

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