Best Beet Based Nitrate Supplements for Performance

What’s the deal with the beet? For a humble vegetable, it gets a lot of praise for performance enhancing endurance athletes. If you doubt that eating this dark red vegetable or drinking its juice can actually boost your athletic performance, we get it. Most “performance boosters” are marketing jargon more than anything – but beet is the exception. It can totally affect your performance (as you can feel the difference in your) stamina and staminaLet’s uncover one of the best supplements nature has to offer.

How does beetroot improve stamina?

These days, people are looking for nutrient-rich foods to improve their health and athletic performance. Many people are turning to beets (whole vegetables, beet juice, and/or concentrate) because they are loaded with dietary nitrates. When consumed, bacteria in your mouth and stomach convert naturally occurring nitrates into nitrite, which then increases nitric oxide levels. This is important because nitric oxide is believed to enhance athletic performance by increasing vasodilation, aka it dilates blood vessels. By doing so, blood pressure is lowered and blood flow increases, allowing more nutrients and oxygen to reach working muscles mid-workout.

new Research It supports; Because of the combined effects, beet supplements may improve aerobic exercise performance.

Who should use Beats?

So, what type of athlete or training might benefit from beetroot or nitrate supplementation?

Nitrate supplementation appears to be most beneficial for exercise lasting five to 30 minutes, so short- to middle-distance runners, swimmers and cyclists will benefit most. There is little published evidence for improving performance over the long term.

Keep some things in mind: Consuming red beetroot or beetroot juice can turn urine and stool red. Although this can be dangerous, it is not harmful or a cause for concern. You should avoid mouthwash before consuming beetroot juice. Since the bacteria in your mouth metabolize dietary nitrates, you want to retain them. Mouthwash reduces oral bacteria, potentially reducing levels of nitric oxide production and promoting performance.

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