Best Affordable Jeans You Can Buy in 2022


Wash here or wash or rip there, jeans look suspiciously similar at first. Affordable jeans are just jeans, right? They go with everything, whatever the price. can’t be wrong.

not true.

Unlike a bad piece of knitwear that looks instantly foreign if it doesn’t suit you, a bad pair of jeans has the sinister potential of sartorially cockroaching you, making all your outfits fail—but they Do it on the down-low. The same pair that looked promising on the shelf can instantly give its wearer bow legs as soon as the zipper is pulled and the button is fastened. Coward.

But that doesn’t mean you have to spend $500 on Japanese raw selvage jeans To avoid dodgy denim. Affordable jeans retailers have enough fits, washes, and styles to make sure that the trousers you’re in on the weekend don’t ruin your style.

in a hurry? Here are our top picks for affordable jean brands that combine style with unbeatable value.

best value

Skate: Black Slim-Fit Jeans

Asket’s business model has allowed them to provide high-end products like selvage denim at a price-point accessible to the style-conscious gentleman.

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what to look for in a pair of affordable jeans

It’s hard to tell specifically what makes the perfect pair of jeans, given that there are so many body variables at play. Karl Malmgren, creative director of Swedish denim brand Cheap Monday, has some universal advice that applies in all cases. He says: “Fit should come before everything else. When you try on jeans, you immediately feel like they fit.

You have no excuse if you’re shopping the old-fashioned brick-and-mortar way, and if you’re shopping online, order multiple options and send back the bad ones. The overused reality TV cliché speaks to the catchphrase: Go with your gut. Are they right at the waist or are they brutally biting into your hips? Are their heels kissing the tongue of your shoes or are puddles of fabric where your feet were once? you know best.

once you have The perfect jeans for your body typeSearch Characteristics of qualityLet’s start with those metallic rivets, which aren’t just for decoration. They’ll increase the wearability of your denim, so make sure the pointed stubs are on all of your front pockets. Also check the care label. The composition of the fabric should be as close to 100 percent cotton as possible, with a smaller percentage of elastane for the stretchy varieties. An increase in non-natural fibers usually means a decrease in lifespan.

The weight of your denim (the weight of each yard of fabric used for the jeans) is also important for a long and happy life. Lightweight denim is about 12 oz while heavyweight denim clocks in at 16 oz (or more). Heavy denim won’t wear as easily and will be less likely to lose shape—provided you’re not attempting Tough Murder in your jeans.

For our money, these are the places where you’ll find cheap jeans that require little spending power but offer a lot of staying power. So there’s no excuse not to have a leg up with your dad.

Best Brands for Affordable Jeans

the basket

the basket Skips the traditional retail mark-up on its products and offers complete transparency when it comes to their pricing. Because of this model, their Japanese raw denim is a fraction of the market value, as are the rest of their cheap jeans. Talk about a sound investment.

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Skate Jeans Affordable Jeans

Marks & Spencer

High-street stalwart Marks & Spencer isn’t best known for its jeans, but once you pass the sturdy outerwear and soft weave you’ll find classic denim with a few mod-cons under the hood ( Water-repellent, stretch-fit) that are ideal for a laid-back, low-fuss style. There is also a good salvage selection.

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M&S Pure Cotton Regular Fit Jeans


The Gap made its name on denim, chinos, and hoodies, so it stands to reason that those jean-attics are still the lifeblood of what this statesside store has to offer. Divided into five size blocks and multiple washes, the budget-friendly brand has carved a niche for itself on the denim gap in your wardrobe, and produces selvage for the most discerning feet.

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gap skinny jeans


Japan and denim go together like cheese and wine, but if your budget isn’t up to artsy brands, head to Japanese retailer Uniqlo for high-quality jeans under $50. The brand’s precision cut, hardy denim (raw and selvage included) will quickly become the backbone of your weekend wardrobe, and leave you with enough extra cash to actually spend on weekends too.

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uniqlo men's slim fit cheap jeans


BoohooMan has long had an affordable, trend-based menswear niche, but now the e-tailer is nibbling on the heels of high-street competitors with a premium range that exudes quality but keeps price low . Case in point, it’s designer distressed denim: very rare in appearance, not really.

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Boohoo Long Straight Leg Jean

top man

Topman was the undisputed king of super-skinny denim over the past decade, which may have been eye-watering to wear, but didn’t have an eye-watering price tag. You’ll still find reasonably priced slimline shapes on its roster, but now it’s a lot more diverse denim trends To dig, including with wide feet.

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Light Wash Tough Skinny Jeans

River Island

Anyone who is a fan of non-boring, affordable-priced menswear will be familiar with River Island. While the retailer’s trend-led pieces may be eye-catching, don’t overlook its robust denim collection, which stands well above its price tag due to its diverse designs and reliable quality.

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Black Wash Ripped Sid Skinny Jeans


Stating the obvious klaxons: You can find just about anything to wear at H&M and spend none of it will require a diet of beans and toast. The Swedish juggler’s offering of affordable jeans is no exception, considering a dizzying array of designs that offer that dreamy blend of quality, affordability and style. Check out innovative stretch fabric and genuine selvage denim for less than $50.

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h&m regular jeans


We’re constantly surprised by how vast (and financially friendly) ASOS’ inventory is, so if you don’t know where to start, we suggest taking a look at the e-tailer’s ever-evolving jeans edit . In typical ASOS fashion, no style disappears; If you could see a blind spot, we’d eat our raw denim jeans.

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ASOS Design Classic Stiff Jeans in Light Stone Wash Blue


Yes, we appreciate strategically placed zips and a perfect enzyme wash like Denimhead next, but first and foremost we’re always on the lookout for jeans made from the tough stuff. In keeping with its reputation for producing durable, functional clothing, Carhartt’s collection of sturdy jeans is your first port of call for styles that will take some rough and tumble.

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Carhartt WIP Rebel Jeans

new look

Style conscious but short of money? New Look has your feet covered with its denim range that caters to every taste, fit and colour. So whether you’re looking for rock-pared-back or pumped-up jeans, you’ll have enough change to last in your five pockets.

buy nowNew Look Blue Mid Wash Slim Fit Jeans

urban Outfitters

Recognizing the fact that denim is the workhorse of any modern wardrobe, international brand Urban Outfitters has set out to create jeans that are designed to last through their in-house denim label BDG. The result is solid all-rounder style that will quietly upgrade your everyday look without requiring half a month’s rent.

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BDG Oversized Mega Baggy Jean

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