After Shave Balm Vs Lotion (What Is Aftershave Balm?)

using aftershave balm

It’s time for some hard facts about most aftershave lotions:

  1. These often contain alcohol which can damage the skin.
  2. They use harmful synthetic chemicals, which can increase irritation.
  3. Most men do not know the dangers of synthetic aftershave lotions.

So should you avoid aftershave products altogether and face dry and irritated face after shave? Well, it is an option.

second is Invest in a high quality and natural aftershave balm that won’t irritate and damage your skin, Enter aftershave balm – the perfect way to soothe the face and round out your shaving ritual.

In today’s article, you will learn:

  1. What is aftershave balm?
  2. What is aftershave lotion?
  3. Toxic Ingredients You Should Avoid
  4. Natural ingredients that benefit the skin

#1. What is aftershave balm?

Technically speaking, the difference between a balm and a lotion is the consistency. Balms are traditionally much thicker and richer than lotions.

In the case of aftershave balms, it goes a little more elaborate than that.

An aftershave balm works similarly to an aftershave lotion – it soothes the skin after shaving. The difference between these two products becomes clear when viewed in more detail on the ingredients used to prepare them.

Unlike lotions, aftershave balms typically use less alcohol and synthetic fragrances. Instead, a balm’s soft scent comes from its natural ingredients (such as citrus, lavender, or aloe) rather than artificially infused scenting agents.

why is it important? it means that A balm can provide the benefits of a lotion without exposing the skin to harmful and unnatural ingredients.

#2. What is aftershave lotion?

man shaving sting

Aftershave lotion is a thinner, more scented product used to soothe the face after shaving. However, as mentioned above, this style of after-shave product has some serious stuff.

Aftershave lotions are usually highly scented and are often alcohol based. This means it can disinfect any nicks and cuts that occur during shaving.

However, alcohol and synthetic fragrance agents can damage the skin despite this benefit. While they help disinfect cuts, they can also worsen surface-level irritation and do the opposite of drying out your face!

Sure, scented lotions can take the place of aftershave cologne. However, it is better to apply a naturally scented aftershave balm to the face and then apply cologne to the wrists and behind the ears. You should never put cologne on your face, for the record – it’s terrible for your skin!

#3. Toxic Ingredients You Should Avoid

As a general rule, you should avoid certain ingredients if you are in the market for a high quality, natural aftershave product. These special materials can damage the skin and worsen the long-term effects of poor skin care,


aftershave man

Here’s the reality – many aftershave lotions contain the same type of alcohol found in hand sanitizers and household cleaning products.

So let me ask you: Would you rub kitchen disinfectant on your face and expect great results?

Not at all! However, the alcohol content such as isopropyl and ethyl are very similar to these products – and they are included in big brand skin care products.

To avoid alcohol, just Look at the ingredients list and avoid products that contain the following:

  • methanol
  • liqueur
  • ethanol
  • isopropyl alcohol
  • sd alcohol
  • ethyl alcohol

fragrance agent

test tube

You’ll usually find the vague word ‘fragrance’ in a lotion’s ingredients list.

Every time I see it, I think – ‘What are they hiding?’

Fragrance can literally mean anything that has a scent! They’re not specific about what material they’re using, and you can bet there’s a reason for that. they are probably using Toxic and harmful components that can cause some serious burns to the skin.

To avoid this, look for products that list their fragrance agent as ‘fragrance derived from natural ingredients’. If you see it on a product’s ingredients list, they are using essential oils to create a pleasant fragrance instead of harmful chemicals.


bpa free aftershave balm

Phthalates (particularly Bisphenol A – BPA) are used in the industrial world to soften materials such as plastics. Is this the kind of sound you should put on your face? I would say no!

OK, so phthalates can be used to soften the skin, but there are better ways to do this than by using natural moisturizers! If you didn’t know, Phthalates can cause some serious harm to your body. Due to this there have been reports of low sperm count of men!

If I were you, I would run to my bathroom and throw anything containing the following ingredients straight into the trash:

  • DEHP (di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate)
  • DNOP (di-n-octyl phthalate)
  • DMP (dimethyl phthalate)
  • BBP (Benzyl Butyl Phthalate)
  • DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate)
  • DINP (Dicyanonyl Phthalate)
  • DEP (Diethyl Phthalate)
  • DIDP (Diisodesyl Phthalate)

#4. Natural ingredients that benefit the skin

Handsome Man Clean Shave Using Aftershave Balm

With all these harmful synthetic ingredients, it is surprising that a man can buy any product without harming his skin! This is the case with most brands found in supermarkets.

However, many specialist skin care companies Use natural ingredients that have a positive effect on the skin. You just need to know where to look and what ingredients to look for!

witch hazel

Witch Hazel - Aftershave Balm Ingredients

So alcohol is harmful to the skin, but it has antibacterial properties. If only a natural ingredient was present, that could kill germs without irritating the skin!

Enter witch hazel – Mother Nature’s answer to antibacterial alcohol. This yellow flower has the same germ-killing properties as alcohol, but it won’t dry out your skin or aggravate irritation.

Vitamin E

Sources of Vitamin E - Aftershave Balm Ingredients

You’ve probably heard the term ‘antioxidant’ before. Well, vitamin E is the king of antioxidants. It helps prevent oxidation and removes harmful oxidizing agents from the skin.

Plus, it’s known for its ability to re-hydrate and soothe the skin – exactly what a man needs after a good shave.

Aloe Vera

Cut Aloe Vera - Aftershave Balm Ingredients

For starters, Aloe Vera smells great.

fragrance aside, This ingredient is excellent for soothing minor cuts and wounds. on face. It promotes healing and helps moisturize dry skin – what more could you ask for?

How about a natural collagen boosting agent? Aloe vera also helps in increasing the level of collagen which helps in maintaining a healthy and youthful appearance on the skin.

Want to know more about essential skincare products? Click here to find my Ultimate 7-Step Skincare Routine.

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