Python training course:

Why Python & Django?

Python is a general-purpose language used in computer programming. Rated as a secondary language for application development, the Code readability alone makes Python a valuable skill for aspiring professionals. Python language extends in expertise into fields ranging from Neurosciences & Data Analysis to Business Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence.

Django is the most popular web framework for Python. Facebook, Instagram, NASA, Snapchat & Instagram use Python with Django to design a better use interface. Django enables an easier scripting of valuable programs that can build fascinating web applications.

Designing brilliant web applications with the Python language is possible for as long as Django tags along. The Django web framework compliments working with the Python language for its many features including improved server security and user interaction.

Uses of Python technology

Python developers gain access to third party modules and extensive support libraries in an open source community. Great productivity and speed are a speciality of the user-friendly Python data structures. Python Virtual Environment (virtualenv) provides the perfect programming environment for candidates delving into the domain of standalone software development. Creating impeccable visuals and graphical user interfaces using Python add to this general-purpose language’s cross-platform compatibility. Common applications on smartphones also contain secure Python ad Django codes.

The world’s largest corporations and IT firms are constantly on the lookout for professionals proficient in Python & Django programming language. On-Site work experience and exposure to live projects as part of the training course will ensure necessary Python skills are developed.

Applications built using the Python & Django framework include,

  • Dropbox
  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Instagram
  • Mozilla
  • Disqus
  • Prezi
  • Facebook

Candidates certified in the Tech Learning Solution Python training course can land diverse job opportunities.

Python language is used to build,

  • Desktop Applications
  • Business Applications
  • Desktop GUI’s
  • Software Development
  • Scientific & Numeric Computing
  • Network programming
  • Web Development

Python & Django Training Course

  • For FRESHERS, STUDENTS & JOB SEEKERS seeking a career in Python & Django technology
  • Designed by Tech Learning experts to provide candidates fully fledged training in Advanced Python & Django implications
  • Hands on experience in web application development and software testing
  • Career guidance and job assurance
  • Internship opportunity & work experience to secure a career at leading MNC’s & SME’s
  • Become a certified Python & Django expert with Tech Learning Solution

Candidates will learn:

  • CSS, CSS3, JavaScript & Code Reusability
  • Complete Bootstrap web designing course
  • HTML, Advanced PHP, MYSQL and Server Scripting
  • Web Framework & Data Management
  • jQuery & Ajax data manipulation and graphics design
  • UI/UX Design for web and mobile applications
  • Introduction to WordPress and web development

Job Market:

Guaranteed placement assistance and on job training by Tech Learning Solution opens doors to new career opportunities for candidates undertaking the Python & Django training course. There is great career scope for certified Python & Django professionals with project experience. Tech Learning Solution training courses result in job assurance for candidates completing the Python & Django training courses.

Some Job profiles include:

  • Software Engineer: Designing system infrastructure.
  • Python Developer: Specializes in Python and its implications across various industries.
  • Research Analyst: Research and handling of large Data volumes for market insight.
  • Data Analyst: Analysing Big Data to improve productivity of an existing framework.
  • Data Scientist: Building AI tools to automate business processes.
  • Software Developer: Software creation, maintenance and cross-platform integration.

What’s Next?

A career as a Python developer is both rewarding and filled with opportunity to grow. Among the top software engineering professions, Python holds immense value as a programming language with core functions. Certified Python professionals are demanded nothing short of excellence and flair.

Certified Python & Django professionals can explore career opportunities with Tech Learning Solution as part of the training course. A rewarding career that pays anywhere between 4.2 to 18 lakhs per annum, talented candidates meeting a set criterion are placed at leading MNC’s.

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