9 of the Best Ball Trimmers to Keep You Nick-Free and Carefree (2022 Edition)

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Shaving your balls is serious business. One false slip and you could end up in a painful – not to mention, rather messy – and embarrassing situation.

But, while making your scrotum smoother and smoother is a somewhat anxiety-driven affair, luckily, the world has moved on from using clunky hair clippers or garden shears. do a little manscaping,

A good ball trimmer will make your scrotum look and feel great while reducing the risk of irritation or, worse, injury.

There are a lot of manscaping products on the market, but when you’re dealing with such a delicate part of your body, how do you know which ball trimmer to trust?

Knowing which ball hair trimmer to choose isn’t an easy task—but never fear, we’re here to make your decision easy. Read on to discover our official rundown of the best ball trimmers—or trimmers—money can buy.

Before we embark on the best ball trimmer journey, it is worth noting that these products will prove to be effective only if you do your preparation right.

So, to get things off to the best possible start, read our full Guide on how to trim your balls,

ready? Time to dive right in.

Compact, ergonomic, and waterproof, this sleek ball trimmer from Meridian is great for all hair types and ball shapes—even the roughest pouts. With two guard settings, you can choose what length you want to trim your balls or pubic hairs and with 90 minutes of battery life, there’s plenty of time to get the job done between charges.

water resistant: yes | battery life: 90 minutes

What we like:

  • The compact ergonomic design of the ball trimmer
  • better water resistance
What we don’t like:

  • While you don’t need to replace them often, replacement blades are quite expensive.

Sporting a short slimline design, Manscaped’s Lawn Mower 3.0 Beard Trimmer is great for men with hairy, larger than average balls and waists because it can reach those hard-to-reach places with ease.

Plus, since this trimmer is equipped with Skin Safe Technology and is designed to wash with water, you can confidently remove your blades while cleaning them with complete convenience.

water resistant: yes | battery life: 90 minutes

what we like

  • Trimmer slimline design and manscaping versatility
  • Skin safe technology and strong guard
what we don’t like

  • Although it’s great for men with hair, if you have extra thick or coarse hair, you might need something a little more heavy duty.

This neat little pocket rocket boasts four sturdy guard lengths and is completely water-resistant, meaning you can use it in the shower. In addition to shaving your balls and pubis precisely, this versatile trimmer is also great for cleaning your chest, back, neck and armpits.

water resistant: yes | battery life: 90 minutes

what we like

  • Extensive guard options and general versatility
  • The fact that it is equipped with an anti-cut blade
what we don’t like

  • The fact that you may have to replace the blade more regularly than some other ball trimmers

No, don’t let your eyes deceive you, Manscaped has made our best ball trimmer list twice—this time with Lawn Mower 4.0. This rather epic trimmer comes equipped with all the benefits of version 3.0, but its design is even more aesthetic-pleasing and easy to handle. Also, it comes with additional guard option and a cool charging light.

water resistant: yes | battery life: 90 minutes

what we like

  • Amazing Design of Ball Trimmer
  • The fact that it offers multiple guard options
what we don’t like

  • If you’re looking for something cheaper, the Lawn Mower 3.0 will do just fine

If you struggle with hand-eye coordination, The Bowler from Happy Nuts will help you achieve a neat, clean, and cut-free shave. With two cutting sides, a 30-degree pivoting head, and a blade that curves, this is a great ball trimmer for all seasons.

water resistant: yes | battery life: 150 minutes

what we like

  • The trimmer’s dual-action rotating head and blade
  • excellent battery length
what we don’t like

  • If you’re looking for a more traditional trimmer or a product with more guard options, this probably isn’t the best option.

This trimmer for your balls is affordable and comes with great features including a pivoting head, hypoallergenic skin safety blade, sweet stand, three guard sizes, and 60 to 90 minutes of battery life. This great little ball trimmer is also shower-safe and often comes with a free foil blade.

water resistant: yes | battery life: 60 – 90 minutes

what we like

  • hypoallergenic safety blade
  • Solid balance of quality and price point
what we don’t like

  • Pivoting Blades May Not Be for Everyone

This sleek handheld ball trimmer offers easy USB charging and at least 60 minutes of battery life. The trimmer’s smart design is also built to reduce hair-pulling and scrotal skin irritation—it’s also highly water-resistant and a decorative feature on the stand.

water resistant: yes | battery life: 60 minutes

what we like

  • USB Charging Capabilities
  • Sleek design and two sturdy guards
what we don’t like

  • If you have thick hair, you may want something a little more heavy duty.

This porous trimmer from Bolsey has two changeable heads: One for manscaping the torso or above and one specifically for your nuts (and that general area). Not only does this nifty number have a dedicated charging base, but the body trimmer head has four settings and the ball grooming head has three settings.

water resistant: yes | battery life: 60 – 90 minutes

what we like

  • Choosing Trimmer Heads and Guard Settings
  • Charging base and slimline design
what we don’t like

  • Some gentlemen might prefer something a little smaller in their hand (we mean the trimmer handle)

Another ball trimmer brand that’s made the cut a second time is Mangromer—this time, it’s Lithium Max. The biggest highlight of this nutscapping device is its double-ended design. On one end, you have the ergonomic foil-based trimmer and on the other, you have a protected ball and pubic hair groomer with eight different blade lengths. Oh, it’s also shower safe and comes with a free bonus foil.

water resistant: yes | battery life: 90 minutes

what we like

  • Dual-ended groomer and trimmer capabilities
  • The fact that this bad boy is equipped with eight protected blade lengths
what we don’t like

  • Not everyone needs a dual-action trimmer for their balls

what to look for in a ball trimmer

You know how to trim your balls and which ball trimmer is the best to buy right now. To help you make your decision and live up to the glory of scrotum grooming, here are the key features to look for in a quality ball trimmer.

water resistance

Since it’s best to trim your private parts when your balls are wet, choosing a trimmer that’s water-resistant or shower safe is your best bet. Not only is it safer in general, but a water-resistant trimmer will prove to be far more convenient, resulting in a cleaner, more even finish.

battery life

There is no point in choosing a corded ball trimmer in the age of rechargeable batteries. Cords are clunky and dangerous, so choosing a ball trimmer with a rechargeable battery is a must.

That said, you should always check the battery life and ensure that it provides at least 60 minutes of trimming action. Okay, it might not take an hour to trim your balls, but the last thing you want to do is recharge your trimmer sooner or later after every use.

guard settings

Depending on the look you’re going for (smooth and silky or short and clean, for example), you should consider how many guard settings your potential ball trimmer offers. If you want to sculpt your ball hair and pubis in a particular way or you have thick hair, it’s worth choosing at least two- to three-guard settings.


When you’re investing in an important electronic item like a trimmer for your balls, it’s a good idea to get one with a good warranty, if possible. Most trimmers offer a warranty of one to two years, but you should always check before you hit the buy button and make a commitment to avoid that big ball.

general question

    • The Ball Trimmer is a very specially made male grooming tool with a blade, functionality and guard designed to safely and accurately handle the delicate skin of the scrotum.

      If you want to do a little manscaping in there, it is highly advisable to use a reliable ball trimmer. Don’t use a regular beard or hair trimmer, or you could cut and damage your scrotum.

      • To use the ball trimmer safely and with success, you must first prepare the area with some scissors and (very) carefully trim the hair to an appropriate length. Once this is done, you should splash your scrotum in cool water to keep it taut – this will make it easier to trim the area.

        After applying a little lubricant (a natural shaving balm or lotion will work), you can trim your balls. When using the trimmer, you should always follow the instruction manual carefully and make sure the safety guard is secure to avoid any possible injuries or cuts (we recommend testing this on your leg or arm beforehand) Huh). You should pull the skin of the ball tight and work incredibly carefully with the grain until you reach the desired smoothness

        • Yes, you can absolutely use a beard trimmer for body hair. Beard trimmers work exceptionally well for back, neck, and chest hair—but, there’s a caveat. We don’t recommend using a beard trimmer for your penis or balls: Your genital area is very delicate and to safely trim your pubic hair, we strongly recommend using a specially designed ball trimmer.

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