5 Signs She’s Into You (Female Body Language Explained)

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Good luck to you! That beautiful lady across the bar is watching your way – you should buy her a drink and move a little closer, right?

Hang in there, Casanova – are you sure he’s into you? What if you kicked him out with your full stare? But how can you tell that you haven’t even spoken to him yet?

The trick is to understand the basics of female body language. In today’s article, I’ll break it down 5 Biggest Signs He’s Into You,

We will cover::

  1. He’s got an ‘open’ pose
  2. that mirror your behavior
  3. she removes the barriers between you
  4. she blushes
  5. she leans closer to you

#1. He’s got an ‘open’ pose

Think of body language as a doorway. If it’s open, you’re welcome.

When you see a woman and want to approach her, consider:

  • Are his arms open or crossed? If they’re crossed, she’s in a locked position and probably doesn’t want you to make contact. If they’re open, you’re in for a shot.
  • Is she sitting up-right or leaning forward? This is another great show of a woman’s mood. If she is straight with her shoulders back, she is feeling confident. If she’s sitting in a meltdown, chances are she doesn’t want to pay attention to him.

When assessing how ‘open’ a woman’s body language is, you can use your best judgment – there’s really no middle ground, so it should be pretty clear how she feels.

#2. she reflects on your behavior

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It is human nature to imitate the behavior of the people we like.

If a woman is talking to you and appears to be sitting or taking a drink when you have a drink, chances are she is feeling optimistic about the experienceAnd you can take that as one of the signs that he is into you.

If, however, your date (or potential date) distances herself from you and does her job, beware. She may feel uncomfortable or disinterested – so take this as a sign that you need to change things or move on.

Some examples of behavioral mirroring are:

  • laughing laughing
  • reflecting on the way you sit
  • having a drink while taking a drink
  • when you nod you nod your head
  • when you smile

#3. she removes the barriers between you

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When you’re afraid of something, what’s the first thing you try to do? Put as much in the way of you and that scary thing as possible.

Now I am not saying that women are afraid of you; However, the basic tendency to avoid discomfort can be expressed by ‘blocking’.

Blocking is when a woman actively tries to keep things between you and her To show that he is not open to you and your point of view. This can come in the form of having a glass of drinking at the bar between you or reading a book while you try to engage him in conversation.

So if she’s doing the opposite and actively removing those physical barriers, you can take that as one of the signs she’s into you. When you walk up to her if she takes her bag off the bartop or puts down her book and shakes her glass, you might be in for a good night.

Warning: Don’t assume that overcoming physical barriers is a guaranteed sign of attraction. Sometimes women want to free up some space; It doesn’t always mean that he is into you.

#4. she blushes

Blushing is a surefire way to know if a woman is interested in you Or not.

Blushing is caused by a rush of adrenaline and excitement – so If she blushes when you approach or when you greet her, keep it – you’re doing well.

be careful that Women sometimes blush in anger. However, unless you’ve done something to actively offend him (unlikely on the first meeting), you can take those rosy cheeks as one of the signs he’s into you.

Clinical psychologist Mary Lamia states that:

Blushing is a sincere response when you realize that you are being sexually aroused by another person.

Mary C. Lamia, Ph.D.

Science says it all – what more evidence do you need to know if a woman likes you?

#5. she leans closer to you

men and women laughing together

The most obvious sign of a woman’s interest is how she leans in when you approach her. If she leans towards you, you’re in luck – she really wants to be near you and is leaning in to get it.

Even if you are sitting a few seats away from him at the bar or coffee shop, just watch the way he sits.

If you have caught her eye, she will be attracted to you. It could be something as subtle as facing your direction or leaning over to get a better look at you.

Just make sure she’s looking at you! When a woman is really trying to get someone’s attention behind you, there’s nothing more embarrassing than thinking that a woman is snooping on you.

Knowing that he’s into you is the first step, but do you know how to keep him coming back for more? Click here to discover 17 Essential Tips to Help You Talk to Women.


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