4 Reasons Why Rolls Royce Is So Expensive

4 Reasons Why Rolls Royce Is So Expensive

Rolls Royce as a brand is known for many things. Luxury is one of them, quality craftsmanship is another (it’s unlikely you’ll need to rent best lemon lawyer due to malfunction or non-functionality in your city). With this superior standard, however, also comes a hefty price tag. What, specifically, makes the name Rolls Royce so expensive? That’s exactly what we’re going to see today. For more information, read.


Perhaps one of the most famous facts about Rolls Royce is their incredible selection of colors. his palette, According to David DeanThere are over 44,000 options in:

“We copy people’s lipsticks, some from your house, some of yours, what you have seen. We’ve even had one owner’s dog, a red setter. So we replicate them exactly, whether it’s DNA, chemistry, or whatever. ,

Naturally, that level of detail is going to cost you extra. But Rolls Royce goes an extra mile by entering unique colors for customers as well. You get the name of that color, and it’s yours forever, so to speak—others have to get your permission to use it too!

…and paints

However, it doesn’t end with choosing a color. Even car painting is taken to the next level with a Rolls Royce. Dean further explains that calling his process “painting” is an insult. Instead, they call it a “surface finish,” because it involves applying at least seven layers to the surface of the vehicle. These include primer, base coat, color, clear lacquer, etc.

Some orders can even get up to 23 layers – seriously bumping up that final price tag. Special layers can mix colors with special effects—some customers have sprinkled diamonds on the exterior of their Rolls-Royce for a final finish to shine.

those little details

If Rolls-Royce is demanding enough to crush diamonds and sprinkle them into paint, you better believe there are other minute details they’ll add to a vehicle that few other manufacturers even consider. For example, have you noticed that cute stripe you see on the side of many models? Done by a professional, by hand, with special brushes to give it a one-of-a-kind appearance.

Other details that give Rolls Royce its character include the obvious touches – the iconic RR logo, the grille – but also lesser-known features. For example, did you know that the manufacturer includes strong sound-proofing on its rides, which equates to about 300 pounds of acoustic insulation around the cabin? How about Starlight headliners, those fiber-optic roof lights that “re-create the night sky”? Such details, obviously, cost extra.

really unique vehicle

All these aspects come together to make something extraordinary—a unique vehicle for every buyer. Rolls Royce cars are not pumped off an assembly line, they are delicately crafted to meet the individual needs of their consumers. This customized nature demands a hefty price tag, and when you consider that there are a nearly limitless number of configurations for additions, options and upgrades, you can really begin to appreciate the service the Rolls-Royce brand offers. give.



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