12 of the Best Tattoo Lotions to Keep Your Ink Fresh (Updated 2022)

Tattoo Lotion for Men with tattoos

Tattoos are one of the ultimate forms of self-expression. Well…they’re not for everyone, but if you’re into your body and want to be creative, the sky’s the limit.

Are you a. ink with small tattooOne 3d tattooA lovely quote, a lovely side, a out there Patterns—or anything in between—are essential to caring for your brand new body art. And to do that, you need to invest in a quality tattoo lotion.

Tattoo lotion will help hydrate skin and protect your body art in those delicate early stages—the right product will also keep the ink site feeling fresh throughout the day.

But, with so many options in the market these days, how do you choose a tattoo aftercare lotion that will work for you? Answer: We’re going to help you out with our best lotions for a new tattoo guide.

Read on to find the best tattoo lotion on the market, plus top tips on what to look for in a quality body aftercare product.

This 100% vegan aftercare lotion is organic and has great hints of mango. Not only is this creamy lotion recommended by top tattoo artists around the world, but it is also excellent at keeping the skin hydrated and maintaining the color of the tattoo during those all-important teething days.

active ingredient: Vitamin E Complex | skin types: all | Shape: 5 fl. oz | spf: none | cruelty free: Yes

what we like

  • Natural, petroleum free ingredients contained in this lotion
  • professional seal of approval
what we don’t like

  • If you don’t like fruity or mango aromas, this probably isn’t for you.

If you have dry or sensitive skin and you’re worried about scratching your brand new body art into oblivion, Mad Rabbit — Repair Edition — is just what you need to succeed. Not only will this sprightly tattoo aftercare lotion soothe the skin with essential oils, but it will also leave you smelling great with a light sprinkling of almonds.

active ingredient: Argan oil | skin types: sensitive | Shape: 3.4 fl. oz | spf: none | cruelty free: Yes

What we like:

  • Lotion calming, soothing nature
  • The Fact That This Tattoo Lotion Comes With an ‘Inked Magazine’ Recommendation
What we don’t like:

  • Gel-like texture may not suit everyone

Mad Rabbit Defend Edition protects pale skin from the sun’s rays to make sure your new ink doesn’t smudge and scorch. This bad boy’s clean ingredients work to keep skin cool while drying the inked area for hours at a time. A double hazard product for anyone with fair or irritated skin.

active ingredient: Zinc Oxide and Vitamin C | skin types: Fair | Shape: 3.4 fl. oz | spf: none | cruelty free: Yes

What we like:

  • Active Clean Ingredients Locked in Lotion
  • sun protecting spf 30
what we don’t like

  • Quantity is small, so you may have to buy multiple tubes to get the job done

Harnessing the healing powers of olive oil (yes, you can use it for more than just frying or drizzling on salads), Tattoo Goo’s delicate aftercare lotion is packed with fast-healing natural ingredients that are especially effective in treating large amounts of acne. Surfaces are effective for taking care of areas with—or in other words—large, thick chunks of body ink.

active ingredient: olive oil | skin types: normal to dry | Shape: 2 fl. oz | spf: none | cruelty free: Yes

what we like

  • The Fact That This Bold Tattoo Aftercare Lotion Contains Olive Oil
  • good name and branding
what we don’t like

  • This lotion may not gel well with all skin types

Although this tattoo lotion may contain petrolatum and may be a little less natural than other products on our list, this reliable salve not only helps to protect and protect new tattoos, but it also prevents irritation, pain, or everyday wear and tear. Also great for skin care use. Basically, with Aquaphor, you get a lot Collide for your money.

active ingredient: Petrolatum | skin types: all | Shape: 14 fl. oz | spf: none | cruelty free: No

what we like

  • The Strong, Protective Properties of This Trusted Lotion
  • favorable price tag
what we don’t like

  • The viscosity of this lotion may be a bit high for some freshly tattooed warts, which is better for most healed pieces.

As you might have guessed, H2Ocean’s Tattoo Aftercare Lotion is water-based—it’s also petroleum-free. Oh, and it’s loaded with all-natural ingredients found in the Red Sea’s ecosystem. The soothing properties of this fragrance-free blend reduce itching, are great for hyper-itchy skin, and are allergy-free—a real triple threat.

active ingredient: Marine Minerals | skin types: itching | Shape: 2.5 fl. oz | spf: none | cruelty free: Yes

what we like

  • Soothing water based texture of lotion
  • hypo-allergenic material
what we don’t like

  • Some men may prefer a thicker, more sturdier option.

If you’re rocking a sleeveless or a vivid tattoo design with lots of lines or colours, this delicious little number from INKredible could be the skin elixir for you. is referred to as glow salve, The lotion contains beeswax that acts as an anti-inflammatory while helping to protect, as well as intensify the detailed patterns and colors.

active ingredient: wax | skin types: all | Shape: 3.8 fl. oz | spf: none | cruelty free: Yes

what we like

  • The Magic ‘Tattoo Popping’ Properties of This Bold Lotion
  • low wax aroma
what we don’t like

  • If you have a small or simple tattoo, you may be able to find a better value lotion.

This light and airy lotion from After Inked works wonders with all skin types and its balanced blend of ingredients is so kind, you can even apply it to a face tattoo (if you sport Post Malone, Lil Wayne or Travis are) Barker kind of look). The best part about this delicate lotion is that it is great for new tattoos and keeps old tattoos looking fresh.

active ingredient: Grapeseed | skin types: all | Shape: 3 x 0.24 fl. Oz Pillow Pack | spf: none | cruelty free: Yes

what we like

  • Light and Kind Grape Seed Oil Concoction
  • The fact that it’s great for face tattoos
what we don’t like

  • If you have large tattoos, you may need something stronger.

Besides the fact that the Badger branding is simply epic (just look at that cheeky furball), this non-GMO lotion is a great all-rounder that’s effective for every skin type and style of tattoo. Natural botanical ingredients provide top-notch ink protection and they smell amazing (in a subtle, non-crushing way).

active ingredient: Coconut and Tamanu Oils | skin types: all | Shape: 2 fl. Australia | spf: none | cruelty free: Yes (This is a super eco-friendly product)

what we like

  • The cool branding and pure versatility of the lotion
  • antioxidant element
what we don’t like

  • Botanical fragrance may not be to everyone’s taste

While the dedicated creation’s tattoo lotion is indeed potent, we are happy to tell you that it is cruelty and paraben-free. The lotion’s unique Pure Accelerator formula helps lock in tattoo color while deepening your skin up to three shades, ensuring your body art continues to pop in the process.

active ingredient: Acai Oil | skin types: all | Shape: 8.5 fl. Australia | spf: none | cruelty free: Yes

what we like

  • Unique Blue Cypress Fragrance of Lotion
  • It has the ability to better protect the skin
what we don’t like

  • If you are not into tanning yourself, there is no point in buying this lotion

branded as a aftercare lubricantThis cheeky little pot of goodness from Redemption looks and feels like a petroleum barrier ointment—but, it’s petroleum-free (bonus). Made primarily with natural products, this tattoo lotion is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a strong protective layer post-inking (or for those times when you just feel like your tat needs a little extra TLC. ).

active ingredient: Organic Castor Oil | skin types: all | Shape: 1 fl. Australia | spf: none | cruelty free: Yes

what we like

  • Strong, sticky barrier protection of lotion
  • Comes in a pocket-sized neat utensil
what we don’t like

  • A thick barrier cream or lotion may be a bit much for some.

Last but certainly not least our . not in Best Lotion for New Tattoo List Is this a welcome welcome from CalfLove. This lotion is excellent for holding simple tattoo Moisturized and healthy, but it’s excellent for colorful body art—and its versatile formula is perfect for treating skin before and after your ink and Daily tattoo care.

active ingredient: shea butter | skin types: all | Shape: 2.5 fl. Australia | spf: none | cruelty free: Yes

what we like

  • This Lotion’s Potential to Help Skin at Every Step of the Tattoo Journey
  • great buttery feel
what we don’t like

  • If you have a lot of brightly colored tattoos, something more expert may be better.

what to look for in tattoo lotion

You know which tattoo lotions are the best. Now, to help you solidify your decision, we’re going to tell you what to look for in the right tattoo lotion by considering the three S.


Containing an SPF—or sun protection factor—is by no means a deal-breaker (many lotions don’t contain SPF). But, if you’re going on vacation with a fresh tattoo, you’re fair-skinned or you live in a hot climate, grab a lotion that soothes your tattoo while protecting the area from the sun’s rays. , maybe a good idea.

skin types

When it comes to being kind to the skin, not all tattoo lotions are created equal. This means that while some lotions are kind to very sensitive skin, some can act as an irritant and damage your tattoo. That said, you should always check what skin type the lotion caters to before clicking on the buy button.


Depending on your budget and how long you plan to use your lotion (ongoing versus a few weeks), you should look at the flow-ounce amount of lotion before committing. If you’re looking to use the lotion for a long period of time, it’s worth getting some in larger quantities. But, if you travel a lot, smaller tubes or tubs will be more convenient.

Bonus Tip: Always check the active ingredients of lotions and what they do for your skin. This will ensure that you get the right product for your skin type, tattoo style and personal goals, preferences or needs.

general question

    • Many professional tattoo artists recommend applying tattoo lotion to your body art before you go to bed or when you wake up, preferably after you wash or shower. Although many recommend waiting 24 hours before moisturizing.

      This is because your skin becomes dehydrated overnight, which can make your tattoo dry and scaly. Apply your tattoo lotion before and after bedtime and you’ll keep your body art in tip-top condition at all times.

      • As a general rule of thumb, applying tattoo lotion to your body art twice a day will yield the best results.

        Applying the tattoo lotion morning and evening will keep it hydrated and healthy without any unwanted oily buildup.

        • If your tattoo is brand new (more or less fresh from the studio), you should avoid using scented tattoo lotions.

          After about three days, you can safely use a scented lotion, as long as it’s made largely of natural substances and contains a healthy active ingredient. Always read the directions or label before applying any tattoo lotion.

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